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Air conditioner price lists give you the chance to quickly browse all the brand’s models for pricing and performance. Along with the costs, you’ll see the efficiency rating, or SEER, or the unit and whether it’s modulating, 2-stage or a single-stage model.

Air Conditioner Performance

The compressor is the key to performance. A modulating compressor runs between 40% and 100%, delivering just the cooling required at the moment to keep the air temperature in your home cool and balanced, without fluctuation. A modulating compressor offers the most precise temperature control but will also make the unit more expensive.

A 2-stage central air conditioner will run at low capacity, about 65%, most of the time. The cycles will be longer and quieter as a result. They will remove more humidity from the air and will more thoroughly filter the air than a single-stage model. Single-stage ACs run at full capacity whenever they are on. They typically produce slight temperature fluctuations, but their lower cost make them attractive to many homeowners. Any air conditioner will make your home more comfortable when paired with a variable-speed blower in the furnace.

Air Conditioner Cost

We offer complete pricing because cost is a large part of the decision-making for most homeowners. Our individual air conditioner reviews also include prices. Our goal is to give you the unbiased facts so you can make an informed decision about your next central air conditioner.  For a specific brand please see the below links:

Cost and Performance Comparison Between AC Brands and Models

You may want to know how the Carrier Infinity air conditioners stack up against more affordable Carrier models in the Comfort Series, for example. The Carrier air conditioner price list, and those from Trane, Bryant, Amana, American Standard, Armstrong, Ducane, Rheem, Ruud, Heil, Lennox and Goodman give you that opportunity.

You can also compare top lines like the Carrier Infinity ACs to other brands’ best like Trane XL, Lennox Signature or American Standard Platinum. With efficiency and compressor performance data listed, it’s easy to compare “apples to apples” to know what each series offers.

Compare Air Conditioners to Heat Pumps

Many homeowners consider which type of HVAC split system to go with, the traditional air conditioner and furnace or a heat pump and air handler – or a heat pump and furnace in very cold climates. Use AC price lists and heat pump price lists to compare performance and pricing. For example, find out how Trane central air conditioners compare to Trane heat pumps in price and performance. We’ve got price lists for all the major heat pump brands.

If you’re looking to put together a split system, you may also want to see the gas furnace price lists for these brands or the oil furnace price lists if oil makes sense where you live.

Narrow Your Air Conditioner Choices

The air conditioner price lists are a good way to focus in on the brand and series you may want for your home. You’ll quickly see which models have the right combination of efficiency, performance and price you’re looking for. Then you can look for individual HVAC reviews to learn more about your top choices. With all our HVAC price lists, we want to make it convenient for you to do the necessary research to find a central AC that will meet your expectations in the years ahead.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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