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Goodman HVAC is the value leader in the industry. Once considered something of a junk brand with low prices, the company has upped the quality significantly while keeping prices as low as possible.

Goodman backs its better components with some of the very best warranties in the market. These include warranties that offer full furnace replacement if the heat exchanger fails or full condensing unit replacement (heat pump or air conditioner) if the compressor fails.

Goodman was started by Harold Goodman in the 1950s, but started making HVAC components in the 1980s. Goodman grew when it acquired Janitrol a decade later. Recently, the company was purchased by Daikin, a Fortune 1000 company that is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of residential and commercial HVAC systems, components and parts. The company makes residential and light commercial equipment.

Goodman Residential HVAC Equipment

Here are the types of HVAC components made by Goodman:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas furnaces
  • Packaged units
  • Split ductless systems
  • Air handlers
  • Thermostats and controls

You’ll find several series from Goodman, though they’re not as defined as those from other brands like, for example, the Lennox Signature, Elite and Merit Series. Here’s an overview. We cover models from all of these series in our large library of HVAC reviews.

Goodman Modulating furnaces: Goodman makes several modulating gas furnaces that offer very high efficiency for lower bills and energy conservation along with precise temperature control and balance. They feature modulating gas valves and variable-speed blowers.

Goodman Communicating components: Usually discerned by a “C” in the model number such as the DSXC18 air conditioner or the GMVC95 gas furnace, these units use communicating technology to coordinate the performance of the components. The result is better indoor comfort and temperature control along with maximized efficiency.

In this series, most heating and air conditioning is two stage to maximize comfort. Furnaces and air handlers have variable speed blowers. Efficiency in furnaces is very high. For ACs and heat pumps, efficiency is medium-high, but not the highest in the industry.

The rest of the Goodman HVAC components are a mix of single-stage and two-stage models. Furnaces range from 80% efficiency to the mid-90s and have a mix of variable-speed, multi-speed and single-speed blowers.

Reasons to Buy Goodman HVAC Equipment

Goodman is one of the five most popular brands among consumers because of the excellent combination of good quality and low prices backed by excellent guarantees.

The brand is a very good choice for those who want lower upfront costs in a system or unit that they don’t need to last them 20+ years. Many property owners and builders choose Goodman due to the low cost and the very reasonable reliability.  You'll get the best long-term reliability from Goodman products — and those from any leading brand — when you have them installed by a qualified contractor and keep them cleaned/maintained/serviced every few years.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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