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Coleman is one of the oldest and most respected brand names in the U.S. It started with the famous Coleman lantern. In the 1950s, Coleman began manufacturing heating and air conditioning products.

The HVAC division of Coleman was purchased in 1990 by Beacon Capital and Evcon Industries was the result. Johnson Controls soon acquired Evcon, and Coleman is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Johnson Controls. Two sister brands with nearly identical product lineups are York and Luxaire.

Coleman Residential HVAC Equipment

Coleman only makes residential and light-commercial equipment. It does not manufacture heavy-commercial or industrial HVAC equipment. The parent company, Johnson Controls, makes commercial equipment for a worldwide market.

Here’s an overview of the products produced for residential and light-commercial use by Coleman.

  • Central air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Gas furnaces
  • Air handlers
  • Packaged systems
  • Ductless systems
  • Indoor air quality systems
  • Thermostats and controls

Now,  we’ll take a look at the three distinct lines of Coleman products. You’ll find Coleman HVAC reviews for many models in these series when you browse our site. All of our reviews include prices too, so you’ll have the information you need to make your decision.

Coleman Echelon Series: The top series includes modulating gas valves in the most efficient furnaces along with variable-speed blowers. These are made by all the top brands now, and they produce balanced temperatures and outstanding control of humidity and airflow. Two-stage heating and cooling is found in the heat pumps and air conditioners as well as some furnaces. Most models qualify as Energy Star products that will reduce energy use and costs in your home.

Coleman LX Series: This middle series has a mix of single-stage and two-stage models. Efficiency levels are lower than in the Echelon Series, but a few offer Energy Star ratings. There’s a modulating furnace here with a variable-speed blower.

Coleman Comforteer Series: The most affordable Coleman series offers lower prices that are attractive to builders, property owners and homeowners who don’t intend to live in their current homes for more than 7-10 years.

Reasons to Buy Coleman HVAC Equipment

Coleman has a middle-of-the-pack service record. While it can’t compete with Carrier, Trane or Lennox in terms of overall quality and efficiency, it does form a good lower-priced alternative.

If you’re looking for quality equipment and want to save money, then Coleman should be on your list. You may not get the same long-term durability, but if you want a system you can rely on for 12-15 years, possibly longer when you’re diligent about maintaining the system, then Coleman should be considered.  Make sure you have it installed by a qualified contractor with a good track record of success. It's worth getting several written estimates to find the right installer.

Lower-end Coleman products are a good choice when low cost is your priority over quality or long-term reliability.  See our HVAC reviews for lots of reviews of specific York furnaces, heat pumps and central air conditioners.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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