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carrierCarrier has built itself into an HVAC Brand that is synonymous with high quality and cutting edge technology! It is currently one of the leading residential and commercial HVAC companies in the world and competes with other leading brands like Trane, American Standard and Lennox for the best ratings by consumers.

The Carrier HVAC Company was founded in 1902 by Willis Carrier and is a subsidiary company owned by United Technologies Corporation. The main headquarters for Carrier HVAC is located in Farmington, Connecticut and they employee approximately 50,000 workers in HVAC jobs in roughly 170 countries.

Carrier Residential HVAC Equipment

Carrier makes one of the most complete lines of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and air quality equipment you'll find. If you choose Carrier for your complete HVAC needs, the types of equipment available include:

  • Carrier gas furnaces
  • Oil furnaces
  • Air handlers
  • Heat pumps including dual fuel (Carrier Hybrid Heat) systems
  • Central air conditioners
  • Heat recovery and energy recovery ventilators
  • Air filtration systems and air cleaners
  • Ductless air conditioner and heat pump mini split systems
  • Boilers
  • Controls and thermostats

Staying true to their commitment of excellence, all Carrier HVAC systems in need of repair have access to emergency repair with authentic Carrier supplies as well as preventative maintenance to keep all Carrier systems working like new.

Just as many large corporations are beginning to understand the global commitment to maintaining a clean environment, Carrier works diligently to maintain quality products that preserve the quality of relaxed home environments, proper refrigeration of food and suitable transport of medical supplies throughout the world. This company is a leader in the industry in making energy efficient, environmentally sound products. Here's an overview of your Carrier HVAC options:

Carrier Infinity Series: Many HVAC professionals and consumers believe this is the top HVAC line in the industry. Efficiency levels are very high, especially with the introduction of the Carrier Greenspeed technology that uses modulating heating and cooling. Modulating compressors in air conditioners and heat pumps along with modulating gas valves reduce waste while produce temperatures that are extremely balanced. All gas furnaces have variable-speed fans. Warranties are very good throughout the entire Carrier product lineup.

Carrier Performance Series: This second-tier line of equipment is better than some brands top line. Most models except for 80% gas furnaces are Energy Star qualified. Two-stage heating and cooling is the norm. Many furnaces have variable-speed blowers.

Carrier Comfort Series: There's a mix here of Energy Star qualified models and those that fall short of that rating. All the heat pumps and air conditioners are Energy Star rated. Single-stage and two-stage models, some with variable-speed blowers are a part of this series. It compares to the Lennox Elite, American Standard Gold, Bryant Preferred, Rheem Classic and similar series.

Carrier Base Series: You won't find this line in every product group. Where it is offered, the models tend to be lower priced with a slight drop-off in quality.

Our excellent library of HVAC reviews contains reviews on most Carrier models currently offered. They contain detailed information you can use to make the right decision about your next HVAC component or system.

Reasons to Buy Carrier HVAC Equipment

Carrier's top lines like the Infinity and Performance Series are popular with homeowners who are willing to pay more for superior performance and durability. The quality is outstanding, even if prices are somewhat elevated simply due to the Carrier name. The longer you plan to stay in your current home, the more it makes sense to invest in quality equipment from the top lines from Carrier.

No matter which system you choose, have it installed by a qualified contractor with a proven history of excellence and customer service. When your component or complete system is properly installed, you'll get better efficiency, durability and climate control from it.

Carrier Warranty on Internet Purchases

NOTE: Most HVAC companies do not provide warranties for equipment bought online. They're concern is not having any control over the installation. We mentioned above how vital expert installation is, and that importance is reflected in the position of Carrier and most other HVAC brands.

In my efforts to find EXACT answers to the warranty questions from purchases of HVAC equipment on the internet, including eBay, I requested info from Carrier on their own warranty. You can see the response below.

Warranty Question from Me:


Carriers Response:


Carrier Internet Warranty Conclusion

Plain and simple… if you buy Carrier online, you will save a considerable amount of money, but you do so at the risk of voiding the manufacturers warranty.

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