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June 2021 Top HVAC Stories

For June 2021, Web HVAC brings you useful news stories related to HVAC equipment, ways to beat summer’s heat without AC, a Carrier vs Heil overview and a new way to air condition buildings using paper. Paper? That’s right. Read on for more.

Top HVAC Stories June 2021

Here’s what our researchers found this month that we hope you’ll enjoy delving into with us.

Ways to Stay Cool Without AC

The Pacific Northwest is sizzling with temperatures that are setting records – records not just for daily highs, but for all-time highs. The temperature in Portland, OR was 116F on Monday, June 28. Crazy.

If you don’t have AC, or if you want to help reduce energy use and lower your utility costs, check out these ways to stay cool without AC from the highly respected Family Handyman.

Keeping Buildings Cool with Paper

Reflective paper is the key to new technology designed by a Northeastern University professor in Boston, MA. Yi Zheng is an associate professor of mechanical and industrial engineering. His “cooling paper” has been demonstrated to cool rooms/buildings by 10 degrees. That might allow for the AC to be turned off or work significantly less hard, saving a good chunk of the energy use and cost.

Carrier vs Heil Air Conditioners

Two random and different HVAC brands? Not at all. They’re more similar than different.


Way? Because the Carrier Corporation, formerly a United Technologies (UTC), owns a company called International Comfort Products, or ICP – not to be confused with this ICP. Check the bottom of the website page where it says, ” © 2021 Carrier. All Rights Reserved.”

And ICP’s HVAC equipment is nearly identical to Carriers, but sold for less. That’s the key – nearly the same, except at a lower cost. This gives customers options in price while the Carrier Corporation still gets the sale.

ICP makes Heil, Day & Night, Comfortmaker, Keeprite, Tempstar and Arcoaire. These are brands the company has acquired in the HVAC equipment consolidation game that has reduced the number of manufacturers from more than 25 to less than 10 in the last few decades. And all ICP brands are identical – saves on manufacturing costs – and very similar to Carrier and the brand that is exactly like Carrier – Bryant. When Carrier acquired Bryant, it changed Bryant equipment to be identical to Carrier except for the cover and name plate.

Other pairs and trios that are identical or nearly so are Rheem and Ruud, Trane and American Standard, Daikin/Amana/Goodman, Armstrong Air and AireEase.

What is a Swamp Cooler? What is an Evaporator Cooler?

Speaking of ways to stay cool without AC, an evaporator cooler or swamp cooler can help – or do the job entirely.

Here’s the catch. A swamp cooler is only effective in arid climates – climates with low humidity that cause rapid evaporation of moisture. When moisture evaporates, it takes heat with it. Think about getting out of a pool on a cool, dry day, and feeling your skin cooled as the water evaporates.

Check out a useful swamp cooler article here, and consider one for your future cooling needs!

Why is the Pacific NW Sizzling?

What’s a “heat dome?

Here’s a look at the weather situation in Oregon, Washington and Western Canada, and a video from a local news station.

See You in July

Have a wonderful Independence Day, and check back in July for more Top HVAC Stories from around the web and world.

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