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January 2021 Top HVAC Stories

Welcome to the January 2021 Top HVAC stories online!

Here are the top heating and cooling articles for January 2021. Let’s look at the weather forecast, ways to cut energy bills by negotiating with your energy company and making doors and windows more airtight, and our pro opinion that nest thermostats and other so-called learning thermostats are a pain for HVAC repair technicians and might be for you too.

What do you want to start with? The roll of the wheel indicates…How to Weatherstrip Windows and Doors!

Boring but saving money is always worth a look. So, we’ll begin with that, and it will get more exciting from there. Skip to what looks interesting to you!

Top Heating and Cooling Stories February 2021 Top HVAC Stories

Sorry, that awkward heading is a bit of SEO/Keyword work. Just being honest. We hope you’ll find the content meaningful.

Weatherstripping Windows and Doors – Excellent ROI

Insulation levels in a home are a huge factor in whether the house is energy efficient.

But air sealing is just as important according to the US DOE. This DOE page has links to a bunch of useful pages showing how to reduce energy use, cut energy cost and make your home more comfortable!

Spring Weather Look is Awesome – Depending on Where You Live :  ) Check it Out

We could call this news item “Kill Phil” since Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhogs Day is upon us and he’s usually way off base, leading to many more weeks of winter.

Instead, we’ll just let you know what the weather pros are saying about the March weather on tap for your region and ours.

When will it feel like Spring? Here is the forecast from AccuWeather.

Not a Fan of Nest Thermostats – Learning Thermostats

Nest thermostats seem to be always learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth. Most of us like a “set it and forget it” approach similar to old George Foreman’s.

The problem is that nest thermostats give HVAC technicians fits. Take a look at this insightful post before you buy

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

OK, sure, we buried this topic 4th out of 5. It’s a niche topic for those who want the energy efficiency of a heat pump in a chilly region of the country. If that isn’t you, pardon us for a moment, and skip on to the next topic.

Heat pumps are being improved yearly with impressive results, so even if you live where sub-zero weather (sub-freezing? LOL) is common, these units are worth a look. At least talk to your HVAC installer about these options. Expect them to dismiss heat pump installation, but probe further to find out the potential monthly cost savings versus the higher upfront cost of the equipment.

Pro Tip: We appreciate most local HVAC companies, and many do a great job. However, very few of them want to think outside what is “traditional” home heating behavior. If cutting energy use (and cost) is a high priority for you, even if the upfront equipment cost is a little higher, ask about cold-climate heat pumps. They might be a perfect fit for you.

Negotiate Lower Energy Bills

It’s a competitive world.

Some of our staff have cut their gas, electric, phone and other utility bills by directly negotiating with the providers (which is a hassle) or working with 3rd-party negotiators (which we’ve found most effective).

The Credit Reporting agency Experian talks about this topic here.

And Bill Fixers is our favorite service for lowering a range of phone/electric/utility bills.

What Top February HVAC Stories Do You Want to Hear About?

Let us know – and come back mid-February to see the top heating and air conditioning stories are – plus weather forecasts and money-saving energy tips.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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