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June 2020 Top HVAC Stories

Here are the hot heating and air conditioning stories plus a look at summer weather for June 2020.

June 2020 Top HVAC Stories

What’s new?

The Best Affordable Central Air Conditioners for 2020

These quality air conditioners from Carrier, Trane, Payne and other brands are the best central ACs with a starting price below $2,000 for the units. Installation is extra. But if you’re looking for quality and affordability, this list is the place to start. Here's the story.

R410-A vs R32 Refrigerant

Almost all split system central ACs and heat pumps use R410A refrigerant, which Carrier calls Puron. It doesn’t harm the ozone, as R22, which it replaced as the leading refrigerant for use in residential systems.

However, it has a high global warming potential (GWP) of 2,088. R22’s is only 1810, but it does destroy ozone.

Some window air conditioners and portable air conditioners and a few mini split systems use R32 manufactured by Daikin. It doesn’t destroy ozone either, and it’s GWP is just 675. If you’re interested in ecofriendly cooling, look for a room AC with R32. Here’s a video on R32 vs R22 vs R410A.

Is an Extended Warranty a Good Idea

No. For two reasons.

Consumers spend more money on extended warranties than they save by having repairs covered. In short, the warranty companies make money; consumers lose.

Michael Lewis writes on Money Crashers that, “Extended warranties are very lucrative for the companies who offer them, with profits estimated to be 50% to 60% of the premium, according to a report published on ResearchGate.”

The second reason is related – and partly why profits are so high: A high percentage of claims are denied. The two most common reasons are the homeowner didn’t properly maintain the unit or system or the equipment was improperly installed, so the mechanical failure wasn’t caused by faulty equipment. In other words, “Sue the installer. It’s not our problem.”

How Hot Will It Get This Summer? Rain?

The National Weather Service is predicting Average to Above Average warmth across the US for the rest of the summer. Rainfall is expected to be normal in much of the country with drier air than normal in the Rockies and a wetter summer from the Mid-Atlantic states to the Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Seaboard. See the Maps here!

Does your Attic Need an Insulation Upgrade?

This post from General Air talks about the importance of attic insulation in keeping your home cooler when you want it cool and warmer when you want it warm. Here are recommendations from Energy Star / The US DOE about insulation R-values for attics.

The article also discusses signs your attic insulation is inadequate.

See You in July

We’ll be back with more HVAC news and tops stories next month. If you’re looking for good reading, see our recently released guides to the top 2020 ACs, heat pumps and furnaces plus information about high SEER heat pumps and ACs, the most efficient gas furnaces, 2020 HVAC tax credits and much more.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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