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Best Heat Pumps Under 2000 for 2020

There are a handful of good-quality cheap heat pumps!

They’ll deliver reliable heating and air conditioning but won’t break the budget. All the models in our list start below $2,000, though if you need a 4 ton or 5 ton heat pump, Goodman is probably your only choice.

The best heat pumps below $2000 are:

Best Heat Pumps Less than $2,000

You might see this type of equipment referred to as a split system heat pump or an air-source heat pump (as opposed to a ground-source/geothermal heat pump).

American Standard Silver 15 Heat Pump

This brand is among the top-rated by consumers and the independent testers at Consumer Reports. It’s identical to Trane; both are Ingersoll Rand companies. The Trane version is the Trane

American Standard makes Silver (basic), Gold (better) and Platinum (best) heat pumps.

Efficiency: 16 SEER/9.5 HSPF

Performance: Single-stage compressor. This means it runs at 100% capacity when on.

Warranty: 10 years on all parts. Decent, but not  great warranty. Goodman, Amana, Heil, Rheem and Ruud are among those with better warranties.

Pros: American Standard makes a good product. This unit is very reliable but not very expensive.

Cons: If your climate is very hot, perhaps consider a more efficient model to keep energy costs under control. In a humid climate, you might appreciate the better humidity reduction a 2-stage heat pump offers.

Cost of the Unit Only: $1,975 – $3,700

Lennox 16HPX Heat Pump

We weren’t sold on Lennox for about a decade, and our reviews show it. But quality has improved significantly and the parts supply chain has gotten much better, reducing wait times to get your equipment repaired.

Lennox is known for its highly efficient heat pumps. This isn’t among the most efficient of all, but the Lennox 16HPX has the highest SEER rating on this list. 

Efficiency: 17 SEER, 9.5 HSPF. Energy Star certified.

Performance: This is a single-stage heat pump.

Warranty: Just a 5-year warranty on all parts. Frankly, this is the worst warranty of any major HVAC brand.

Pros: Good efficiency and quality. This unit is ideal for all but the hottest and/or most humid climates.

Cons: We wouldn’t recommend any of these units for the Deep South or Southeast.

Cost of the Unit Only: $1,850 – $3,115

Heil NXH6 Performance 16 Heat Pump

Heil is owned by a company called International Comfort Products, commonly referred to as ICP. Heil is identical in all but name and cabinet logo to other ICP brands Day & Night, Arcoaire, Keeprite, Comfortmaker and Tempstar. In turn, ICP is owned by Carrier, but the product lineup isn’t fully identical.

If you can’t find a Heil dealer or don’t care for them when you do, try one of these other brands. Or use our 3 Free Quotes form to get fast, convenient heat pump cost estimates. You can get your questions answered and advice on the right heat pump for your home and climate.

Efficiency: The Heil NXH6 Performance heat pump offers 16 SEER cooling and 9.5 HSPF heating.

Performance: Single-stage compressor runs at 100% capacity. These compressors can produce slight temperature swings, and single-stage models do not remove as much humidity in summer as 2-stage and variable capacity air conditioners.

Warranty: 10 years on all parts.

Pros: Heil heat pumps offer a good combination of reliable quality and fair price. That makes Heil and the other ICP brands a good value. This is a quiet single-stage heat pump. It runs at about 68 decibels, significantly lower than the 76 decibels of the Carrier heat pump at the top of this list. Is that a big deal? For most homeowners, it isn’t. But if the outside unit is close to your patio or deck, then it might be an issue.

Cons: Heil has improved its warranties on many models, but just a bit on this one. You’ll still get a better warranty from Goodman.

Cost of the Unit Only: $1,900 – $2,900

Armstrong Air Heat Pump

Armstrong Air and AirEase are identical brands owned by the Lennox Corporation. However, they are a separate division – the heat pumps are not identical to Lennox heat pumps.

In fact, most independent consumer groups rate Armstrong Air and AirEase slightly ahead of Lennox for quality and reliability.

Efficiency: 16 SEER / 9.5 HSPF heating.

Performance: This model has a single-stage compressor, so it doesn’t produce the most comfortable indoor climate as a stage heat pump, but it does keep cost down.

Warranty: 10 years on all parts.

Pros: While the name might be well known like Carrier and Trane and Lennox, this brand is built with quality parts. It offers good reliability.

Cons: There are no cons about quality. The only issue is that Armstrong air and AirEase are not as widely available as brands like Trane, Carrier, Lennox and Goodman.

Cost of the Unit Only: $1,935 – $2, 800

Goodman GSZC16 Heat Pump

This is the only two-stage heat pump on the list. Goodman quality has improved since Daikin bought Goodman/Amana in 2012. The warranty is outstanding too.

Efficiency: 16 SEER air conditioning, 9.0 HSPF heating.

Performance: This unit has a 2-stage compressor. It runs on low as long as it can keep your home at the temperature you desire. It kicks into high gear when it is really hot outside and the low-capacity cooling won’t keep up. The same scenario is true with heating.

Warranty: This is the best warranty in the industry. It comes with a Lifetime compressor warranty. And if the compressor fails in the first 10 years, Goodman will replace the entire condensing unit (heat pump), not just the compressor. All other parts are covered by a 10-year parts warranty.

Pros: Goodman quality is much improved and now has a good reputation among consumers and independent researchers like Consumer Reports. The warranty is outstanding, and the quality has improved.

Cons: Goodman allows any certified HVAC technician to install its equipment. That just means that you should be careful about who you hire. Ask about the experience of the crew that will install your heat pump. Are they NATE certified?

Cost of the Unit Only: $1,800 – $3,000

What Other Costs Are There?

Installation will add $1,200 to $2,100 to the bill. With refrigerant line set and pad for the condensing unit, cost could reach $2,500. Why not install it yourself?

1- You’ll need a refrigerant handling license to buy refrigerant to charge the AC.

2- Most homeowners don’t have AC installation equipment.

3-Unless you’re a certified installer, DIY installation will void the warranty.

If you need an indoor coil, cost starts at about $325 and can exceed $1,000.

Getting it Installed Properly

Your heat pump needs reliable installation from a certified and experienced pro, or it might not offer the efficiency or durability you expect.

It makes sense to talk to several installers, get their price estimates to compare and check their reviews on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List – wherever you can find them.

An easy way to start is to use the 3 Free Quotes form on this page. Fill it out, and installers will get in touch to answer questions, provide suggestions for equipment and give you a price quote. Then like we said, check them out before making the decision who to hire.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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