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Best Gas Furnaces Under 2000 in 2020

The best furnaces less than $2,000 can be divided into 80% efficiency and 90% or higher.

Best Furnaces Under $2000 in 2020

Here is the list. Reviews follow. The best gas furnaces under 2000 for 2020 are:

Rheem Classic Series R801S 80% Gas Furnace

Carrier Comfort 80 80% Gas Furnace

Heil Performance 92 92.1% Gas Furnace

Armstrong Air A931E 93% Gas Furnace

Goodman GMEC96 96% Gas Furnace

Trane S9X1 96% Gas Furnace

Best Furnaces Under $2,000 Reviews

Let’s look at the efficiency, performance, pros and cons of these furnaces and consider which might be the right choice for your home.

80% furnaces: As you can see, there are two 80% furnaces. An 80% furnace is a good choice for a warm climate where the furnace isn’t used heavily. After all, 20% of the heat created is wasted along with the combustion exhaust. If your annual heating bill were $1,000, you’d waste $200.

Low-90s furnaces: Two are low-90s furnaces ideal for cool to cold climates where paying more for a furnace that only loses 7-8% of its heat is a cost-effective choice.

Mid-90s furnaces: The last are the most efficient. They cost a little more than the low-90s models, at least the Trane does. But in a very cold climate, you will recoup the extra cost of the furnace in a few years through years through lower gas bills.

Furnaces are available in the 97% to 98.7% range. Most are variable capacity furnaces that cost much more. You wouldn’t recoup the extra cost; the reason people spend $3500 – $5000+ on a furnace is that they’re sold on the climate control aspect of perfectly balanced temperatures and quieter operation.

Rheem Classic Series R801S 80% Gas Furnace

R801S (Upflow/Horizontal)

Rheem and identical Ruud furnaces have become more efficient in recent years, as most brands have, but this Rheem 80% furnace is a tried and true 80% furnace available in upflow/horizontal and downflow version.

It has a PSC motor which uses twice the energy of an ECM motor, but as noted, if the furnace isn’t running heavily, then keeping it cheap makes sense.

Efficiency: 80%

Performance: Single-stage gas valve, so it runs at 100% capacity when on. Single-stage furnaces sometimes create slight temperature imbalances – heating a degree or two past the thermostat setting.

The Goodman furnace is the only 2-stage furnace on this list.

Pros: Rheem quality is in the upper tier of all brands. And the cost is reasonable, creating good value for consumers.

Cons: 20% is still a lot of waste. If you’re trying to heat your home in an ecofriendly way, this isn’t a good option. In fact, if you’re in a moderate to warm climate, a heat pump is the best option if you’re changing your entire HVAC system. Here are the best heat pumps under $2000.

Warranty: 20 years on the heat exchanger; 10 years on parts.

Cost of the Furnace Only: $1,250 – $1,990

Carrier Comfort 80 80% Gas Furnace


Consumer Reports and other independent testers place Carrier at or near the top of the furnace heap for quality.

This furnace is also called the Comfort 80 58SC furnace. If you need a low-NOx version, it is the 58SC1.

Efficiency: 80%

Performance: Single-stage heating with an energy-saving ECM motor.

Pros: Excellent quality. The ECM motor pushes cost up a bit, but it does use less energy and is quieter than a PSC motor.

Cons: Cost starts below $2,000, but the larger models cost more than that.

Warranty: 20-year heat exchanger and 10-year parts warranties. Carrier offers an optional labor warranty, but we’re not fans of labor/extended warranties. Companies offer them because they make a lot of money on them.

Cost of the Furnace Only: $1,600 – $2,700

Heil Performance 92 92.1% Gas Furnace

This furnace is offered by Heil, Arcoaire, Tempstar, Keeprite, Comfortmaker and Day & Night. They are identical International Comfort Products brands.

As the industry consolidated, ICP kept all the brand names but made things more efficient by using the same furnaces for all. If there’s no Heil dealer where you live, or they get poor reviews, try another brand.


Efficiency: 92.1%, a good furnace for cool-to-cold climates.

Performance: Single-stage with a fixed-speed PSC blower. This unit, like the Carrier above, is suited to a dual fuel setup with a heat pump and gas furnace. Dual fuel systems are rare, but are used in cold climates when the homeowner wants the efficiency benefit of a heat pump. The furnace takes over the heating in freezing weather.

Pros: Very good efficiency for cold climates. Heil quality is average to a little above.

Cons: A fixed speed blower will “blast” a little cool air at the start of a cycle before the furnace really heats up.

Warranty: 20 years on the heat exchanger; 10 years on other parts. Noticing a theme? It’s common for brands to back their cheap furnaces with this warranty. Costlier furnaces usually have a Lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

Cost of the Furnace Only: $1,395 – $2,300

Armstrong Air A931E 93% Gas Furnace

This brand might not be as familiar to you as Rheem, Carrier or Trane. But Consumer Reports and others give it high marks for quality and reliability.

Armstrong Air is a Lennox International company, but the furnaces are different than Lennox furnaces – some would say better, and we would not disagree.

Efficiency: 93%

Performance: Single-stage gas valve. The furnace is dual fuel compatible.

Pros: Very good quality and quieter burning. Armstrong Air uses more burners than most furnaces, so each burner kicks out fewer BTUs. The result is that each burns a little quieter than one or two large burners would.

Cons: The biggest models start a little above $2000.

Warranty: Lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts warranty.

Cost of the Furnace Only: $1,575 – $2,450

Goodman GMEC96 96% Gas Furnace

Alternate Text

Goodman made its name through cheap furnaces and great warranties. Seems like an odd combination, but Goodman grew to be a major player in the residential HVAC industry.

Daikin now owns Goodman. Quality is better, and the warranties are still very good.

Efficiency: 96%

Performance: 2-stage gas valve. It operates on low when that stage is able to keep up with your home’s need for heat. The first stage is about 65% capacity. If it needs more heat, it runs on high/100%.

Pros: Good quality, low cost and a great warranty.

Cons: It isn’t quite on par with Trane, Carrier or Armstrong Air quality, but it’s still quite good. Goodman sells a ton of furnaces, and they aren’t junk. Pretty reliable.

Warranty: Lifetime heat exchanger warranty that includes a 10-year furnace replacement warranty if the heat exchanger fails in the first decade. The general parts warranty is 10 years.

Cost of the Furnace Only: $1,100 – $2,000. This furnace can be bought online.

Trane S9X1 96% Gas Furnace

Energy Star - Wikipedia

Trane calls this furnace its “Best Value.” Lower cost and good quality. Upflow/Horizontal and Downflow models are available, as they are for most on this list.

Efficiency: 96%

Performance: Single-stage with an ECM motor.

Pros: Good quality, very efficient furnace and motor.

Cons: The priciest furnace on the list, but it starts below $2,000.

Warranty: 20-year heat exchanger; 10-year parts.

Cost of the Furnace Only: $1,450 – $2,575

How Much is Furnace Installation?

Expect to pay $800 to $2,000 based on a range of factors including how much sheet metal work is needed, where the furnace is located and removal/disposal of an old furnace.

Get the lowest quotes using our 3 Free Quotes service. The furnace companies are local to you. They are prescreened to make sure they are licensed and insured, and they know they are competing for your job.

There is no cost or obligation. We recommend the service, but still believe it is a good idea to check online reviews of each company you’re considering to see what other consumers have to say.

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