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April 2020 Top HVAC Stories

Welcome to this month’s edition of the Top 5 Air Conditioning and Heating stories.

April 2020 Top HVAC Stories

There’s weather, AC cleaning and use tips that will save you money plus the most efficient central air conditioners and ductless heat pumps on the market.

What’s Wrong With our Central Air Conditioner?

Your AC isn’t working?

Here are the top troubleshoot air conditioner options from one of the top consumer protection and information websites available.

How Hot Will 2020 Summer Be?

The forecast is for a warm summer over the entire US. Some regions will experience – don’t you hate that term – significantly higher temperatures than “normal.” Is there a “normal” anymore?

Can I Clean My AC Coils?

Yes sir or madam you can. And you should give it a shot if you’re handy and are looking for something to do during the “lockdown” of 2020.

This video shows you how to clean AC Coil – outside. There are quite a few coil cleaners available, so using the one specified here isn’t necessary. They are all about the same.

“An” and “the” or similar, are not words that have value in search engine results. That’s why some of our wording seems ungrammatical.

What are the Best HVAC Systems for 2020?

We just published our Best 2020 HVAC brand reviews.

Here it is! The guide to the best 2020 heating and cooling systems covers brands but also the specific brand series that we believe is the best quality and best for the money.

What are the Best Heat Pumps for 2020?

If you’re looking for a heat pump, this is a review of the best 2020 heat pumps.

And here is our 2020 Heat Pump Buying Guide.

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Go cheap, and potentially get bad results.

Take your time finding an experienced and qualified installer, and you’ll enjoy your new heating and cooling equipment.

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Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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