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February 2020 Top HVAC Stories

Here are this months useful news stories, tips and more.

Top 5 HVAC News Stories for February 2020

Spring is near, why HVAC installation is important, it’s a great time to buy a furnace and more.

This is a Good Time to Buy a Furnace or Heat Pump

Late winter, early spring are slower times for local HVAC companies. They’re hungry for business, so many offer lower prices at this time of year.

Plus, most utility companies offer rebates for $150 to $1,000 or more for the installation of Energy Star furnaces and heat pumps.

For example, rebates of up to $1,600 are currently available on a premium Lennox system.

Rebates are available on most Trane equipment.

Got to the website of your favorite brand, and search for rebates. You’ll find some impressive deals.

Happy March – Spring Comes Early!

Because of Leap Year and other factors, the 2020 Spring Equinox date is March 19, the earliest in 124 years!

Here’s a look at all the factors plus cool sky events for March 2020 including something called a Super Worm Moon.

HVAC Installation Horror Stories

HVAC installation and repair is expensive. But you often get what you pay for.

Check out these HVAC horror stories on Pinterest. They emphasize the need to hire a proven pro. We encourage you to use our Free Estimates service. You’ll get written estimates from three licensed, insured pros in your area. It also gives you the chance to discuss your HVAC issues and get free advice on the best, most cost-effective solution.

The Updated Spring 2020 Forecast is Here!

The US Weather Service released an updated Spring Forecast on 2/28. Here it is.

Is it Time for Furnace Replacement?

Proactively replacing an old oil or gas furnace can save you a lot of money in the long run.

If you wait till it fails in nasty winter weather, the impact might be very costly – get an expensive, immediate repair and still have to replace the furnace in a year or two.

When you replace it first, you have the chance to research the right system – size, efficiency and performance – for your home and budget.

Here are signs it might be time to consider pre-emptive furnace replacement.

Check Back Next Month!

We'll have more useful information next month along with rolling out content on the most efficient and most cost-effective HVAC equipment available.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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