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July 2019 Top HVAC Stories

These HVAC news stories include information you can use as you consider new HVAC equipment, preparing for summer weather and more.

The Top 5 HVAC Stories July 2019

Follow the links in each summary to learn more.

Late Summer is a Good Time to Buy

We're nearing a good time of the year to buy HVAC equipment. Why?

In late summer and early fall:

  1. Installers are less busy than at the peak of summer or winter, so often offer more competitive estimates.
  2. Some manufacturers give end-of-season deals.

Learn more from this post from a successful and respected local HVAC dealer.

Is a Room AC A Money-saving Idea?

It can be in moderate climates where the house only gets hot in late afternoon but cools off when the sun sets. A room or window AC can be efficiently used in the most-occupied room

In a hot climate where you need whole-house central air conditioning, room air conditioners are not a good choice.

1. You’d need 3-5 to keep your home cool and dehumidified

2. They’re not as energy efficient as central air conditioning

Here are a couple links to information from about buying a room AC.

General information about room ACs and rebates from energy companies when you purchase one

A video on How to Buy a Room AC

HVAC Technicians At Risk in the Heat

It has been a sweltering summer across much of the US. Just this week, an AC professional in Arizona passed away in a customer’s attic during an HVAC repair. The outside temperature was 107F, so the heat in the attic must have been unbearable.

Just a reminder that if you’re having your HVAC worked on in extreme heat, offer the technician water and keep an eye on them.

Here are more tips from ACHR News, an industry source for HVAC professionals.

Keep your Family Safe in Summer Too

The above story caught our attention and got us thinking about summer heat safety.

Here’s helpful information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA ( The page includes links to many useful resources.

Even Whitehouse Air Conditioning is Political?

Not really, but the current occupant of the WH blamed work done during the previous administration for the White House being either, “freezing or hot.” Here's the story.

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See you in August for more Top HVAC Stories from around the internet.

But first, here's a just-released early look at the Fall Forecast.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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