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June 2019 Top HVAC Stories

Here are 5 useful HVAC stories from around the Web for June 2019. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts and to tell us what stories and topics you want to see covered.

Here are the Top HVAC Stories for This Month

You'll find AC repair estimates, home insulation advice and more.

Air Conditioning Repair Estimates

Air conditioners work overtime in this weather, and breakdowns happen. Here’s our AC Repair Cost Guide with prices for all major repairs.

Is your AC out of warranty? Are you considering replacement instead of repair? This guide is designed to assist homeowners in weighing their options in the repair/replace decision.

Will Tariffs Raise HVAC Equipment Cost?

The data shows they already are.

Fredonia Group is a respected data and research company. Here is its report called Tariff Tracker: US HVAC Industry Hit Hard.

And here is a 2019 update based on data from industry group AHRI – The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute.

Green Insulation Options

Properly insulating your home – the attic, walls, windows and other key locations – is essential to keeping heating and air conditioning costs under control.

Earth 911 has a helpful guide to the greenest and most effective home insulation materials, plus a few to avoid because they are not ecofriendly.

It Is Hurricane Season – Here’s the Latest

June 1 is the unofficial start to hurricane season, and this year the season is off to a slow start.

But as we prepare to publish this post, a tropical storm in the Eastern Pacific will be the first of the season and might develop hurricane force.

E pac 3 pm

This map from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, has up-to-the-minute information. Select maps for the Central Pacific, Eastern North Pacific or Atlantic.

Heat Stroke Season Too

As the weather heats up, anyone outside, including pets, can get overheated.

WebMD discusses the symptoms of heat stroke and what to do if you or someone else exhibits them.

PetMD has a similar post on signs your dog is suffering from heat stroke.

Have a Great Independence Day!

Enjoy America’s most important national holiday this year! Many Americans, whether they trace their heritage to the Mayflower or are first-generation citizens of the United States, celebrate by reading the Declaration of Independence on this great day.

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Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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