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February 2019 Top 5 HVAC Stories

Welcome to our monthly feature. This time it’s the top HVAC stories for February 2019.

February 2019 Top HVAC Stories

After a look at the weather and spring heat pump maintenance tips (for ACs too), we have three stories on smart thermostats.

Is There a Tornado in Your Forecast?

We like to start with a weather-related story, and this one caught our attention.

Accuweather, using data from NOAA, predicts a 9% increase in tornadoes from 2018, but that is still below the average.

“We believe that the more traditional severe weather region of the central and southern Plains will have a higher potential for tornadoes and severe weather more frequently than they have experienced on average the past three years,” said AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok.

Spring Heat Pump and AC Tune Up

Most HVAC companies recommend having your heating and air conditioning equipment cleaned and maintained twice per year.

That’s too much.

However, having maintenance done every few years makes sense.

This blog from a Louisiana heating and cooling company does a good job answering the “what and why” questions. It mentions having it done “once or twice per year,” and again, every few years should be sufficient.

Nest vs Ecobee Thermostats

There are many smart thermostats like Honeywell Lyric, Lux Geo, those made by some of the major HVAC brands and more. More are introduced every year.

Nest and ecobee thermostats still own the most market share. This blog post from a well-respected source outlines similarities and differences between ecobee and nest. It might help you choose one you’ll be happy using.


The common wire of a thermostat, also called the c-wire or C wire, powers your thermostat.

  • Not all thermostat wiring bundles contain a C wire
  • Some thermostats must have a C wire

There are solutions, and they are shared in this post and helpful video below.

Thermostat Geofencing – Convenience and Energy Savings

Have you ever left the house, forgot to turn down the furnace, and been bugged about it all day because you’re wasting energy?

Ever arrive home to a cold house (winter) or hot one (summer) and wish the thermostat could have been turned up or down before you arrived?

Smart thermostats and apps allow you to solve either problem.

Geofencing solves the problem without touching your phone. Program it once, and you’re done.

This post on geofencing is comprehensive and helpful. It leaves out the Lux/Geo, a thermostat we think deserves a look too.

New Buying Guides are Out

The list to the right contains many of the newly published 2019 Best/Most Efficient posts. They’re getting a lot of hits because of the useful information they contain.

We’ll be back in a couple weeks with the top stories for March.

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