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December 2018 Top 5 HVAC Stories

Every month we bring you the top 5 HVAC news stories. Some are newsy while others offer practical information that will help you make HVAC decisions.

December 2018 Top 5 HVAC Stories

We start with weather for holiday travel and then discuss fuel prices, sizing a gas furnace and more.

Christmas Travel Outlook 2018

Static US Next Week X

Arctic air is staying north of the border. There will be little snow, but some rain in the East.

Here’s the whole story from AccuWeather.

Natural Gas Prices are Stable

Colder weather in November pushed natural gas prices higher, but they’ve stabilized or dropped and are expected to remain low.

Natural gas prices graph

Here’s the story from Forbes. If you want the data, here’s the Short Term Outlook from the US Energy Information Administration.

Best Smart Thermostats for 2019

According to PC Magazine, the most popular 2018 smart thermostats will lead the way in 2019 too, with a few new players.

Popular brands continue to be nest, ecobee, Honeywell, Lux and Bosch.

More Scams You Can Avoid

We recently discussed the cracked heat exchanger scam in which a technician gives you a bogus carbon monoxide reading and says you have to replace your furnace or risk CO poisoning. Carbon monoxide is deadly, and that’s why it’s a great prop for a scam.

Here are more HVAC scams to look out for an how to avoid them.

Sizing your Next Furnace

Furnaces that are too large are a waste of energy, cause temperature fluctuations and break down earlier than they should.

Furnaces that are too small have obvious issues too.

Here’s a helpful post that will give you a ballpark idea of how much capacity your gas furnace should have. For the best accuracy, ask your furnace contractor to perform a Manual J test and / or similar testing to verify actual demand.

2019 Guides Coming!

Check back January 1 for the first our our Top Rated HVAC Equipment Guides for 2019. We start with the Top Rated Central Air Conditioners and then move on to heat pumps, furnaces, complete systems and more.

Then our guides will move on to the Most Efficient ACs, heat pumps, furnaces, etc. Each guide is packed with good information on how to choose the right heating and air conditioning equipment for your home.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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