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WebHVAC November 2018 Monthly Top 5 HVAC News Stories

Here is our monthly look at HVAC and related news you can use.

Top 5 HVAC Stories for November 2018

This month – furnace filters and what you should know about their performance, furnace inspection expectations, utilities buying HVAC contractors and more.

Is a High-MERV Filter a Help, Hindrance or Both?

Many HVAC techs tout high-MERV filters. They’re thicker, so trap more particulates from the air. They improve indoor air quality be removing pollutants and allergens.

But is the news all good? This report on the unintended consequences of thick filters is worth reading if you’re using one.

Here’s a post by the same author on why your air filter might not be cleaning the air in your home the way you want it to.

Should Public Utilities Provide HVAC Repair/replace Services?

There’s a battle in Florida after Florida Power & Light began buying into residential HVAC service companies.

An HVAC contractors’ association has objected due to the potential for unfair competition.

“Everything owned by the utility, which was derived through a state-sanctioned monopoly, should not be permitted to be used when competing against those of us without such benefits,” said Jaime DiDomenico, spokesman for the contractors.

The whole story is found in this article from Florida Construction News.

There’s more in this video from the small business alliance MEP that opposes the practice.

Zoned Heating Controls or Smart Vents?

There’s a cheaper, more efficient way to save money on zoned heating and cooling than installation of an expensive zoning system with controls.

And manually closing vents is a hassle.

Here’s an idea – Smart vents that use motion detection to know when you’re present, so they open to allow treated air into the space.

We don’t endorse products, but think this is worth a look if you like smart home technology and want indoor comfort and efficiency with less cost and hassle.

What to Expect When your Furnace Inspector Comes

Having your furnace inspected should be done every 12 to 24 months. Here’s what the inspection should entail and what the technician will be looking for.

And remember to watch for the carbon monoxide leak scam we alerted you to last month.

New Use for Old Mining Shafts

Nevadans are pushing for the use of 50% renewable energy in the near future. That demand has led to creative ways to hit the target.

The old mines of Nevada might soon be used in large geothermal heating and cooling projects. It’s a great way to repurpose them to create clean, efficient and renewable heat and AC.


Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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