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2018 Top Rated Heat Pumps

The 10 best heat pumps for 2018 are divided into 2-stage and single-stage models. They should run very dependably when properly maintained.

2018 Top Rated Heat Pumps

  • American Standard Gold 17 Heat Pump
  • Carrier Infinity 19 Heat Pump
  • Heil QuietComfort Deluxe 16 Heat Pump
  • Daikin DZ18TC Heat Pump
  • Lennox Elite XP16 Heat Pump
  • Trane XR16 Heat Pump
  • York LX YHM Heat Pump
  • Armstrong 4SHP15LE Heat Pump
  • Bryant 225B Heat Pump
  • Rheem Classic Series RP14 Heat Pump

It is our experience that single-stage and two-stage heat pumps are more reliable than the new generation of modulating/variable-speed heat pumps. Plus, variable-capacity systems haven’t been around long enough for anyone to be confident they are as durable.

This isn’t a warning against variable-capacity heat pumps. They offer outstanding efficiency and climate control. If you’d like to learn more about them, see our 2019 Most Efficient Heat Pump list and reviews.

Best 2-stage Heat Pumps for 2018

These heat pumps are efficient and offer better indoor comfort than single-stage heat pumps.

Two stages mean they have a low and a high capacity. Low capacity is about 65% of total capacity. High capacity is 100% of capacity.

These units heat and air condition on low capacity most of the time. This produces longer heating and AC cycles than 100% capacity. The advantages include higher efficiency and better humidity control than single-stage heat pumps deliver.

When outdoor temperatures change quickly or you adjust the thermostat for more heating/air conditioning, then the units use high capacity until they catch up to the demand.

Efficiency ratings: SEER and EER are cooling efficiency ratings. HSPF is the heating rating. Not all brands reveal EER numbers. We provide all the information available.

Sizes: Heat pumps are typically produced in 24K, 36K, 48K and 60K BTUs sizes. Some use “tons” instead of BTU, and 12,000 BTU equals one ton, so models from 2-5 tons are available.

Here are the best two-stage heat pumps 2018.

American Standard Gold 17 Heat Pump

American Standard HVAC equipment has one of the very best service ratings in the industry. It is a sister brand to Trane, and the two brands make nearly identical heat pumps.

If you don’t have an American Standard dealer in your area, or the dealer has a poor reputation, ask a Trane dealer about the Trane equivalent of this unit. Here are the American Standard Gold 19 details.

  • Efficiency: 25 SEER / 9.6 HSPF, Energy Star
  • Warranties: The 12-year compressor warranty is slightly better than the industry average of 10 years. The general parts warranty is 10 years.
  • Pros: This is the most efficient American Standard 2-stage heat pump, so should cut energy costs by up to 50% when replacing an old heat pump or gas furnace.
  • Cons: American Standard is a premium brand with higher costs. If you plan to be in your home for 10+ years, the higher cost will be returned in lower energy costs and repair costs.

Carrier Infinity 19 Heat Pump

This is also called the Carrier Infinity 25HNB9 heat pump. Carrier also has a reliability rating that is higher than average.

  • Efficiency: 19 SEER / 10 HSPF, Energy Star
  • Warranties: 10 years on all parts, the industry average.
  • Pros: The efficiency is exceptional. You will enjoy energy savings of up to 60% when replacing an old heat pump or gas furnace. This unit can be used in a dual fuel
  • Cons: Like American Standard, Carrier price tags are higher than average. If you plan to live in your home long-term, it is worth it.

When planning a move in the next five years, take a look at Goodman heat pumps for lower cost and decent reliability.

Heil QuietComfort Deluxe 16 Heat Pump

This unit is also called the Heil HCH6. It is backed by one of the better warranties available including the replacement of the entire unit if the compressor or coil fails in the first decade.

The Heil brand is owned by International Comfort Products, which is a subsidiary of UTC, the parent company of Carrier and Bryant. Other ICP brands are Tempstar, Arcoaire, Comfortmaker and Keeprite. The product lineup is nearly identical, so this heat pump is available from the other brands too.

  • Efficiency:5 SEER / 13.5 EER / 9.5 HSPF, Energy Star
  • Warranties: 10 years on all parts. 10-year No Hassle replacement warranty that provides for a complete heat pump.
  • Pros: Good efficiency, a good warranty and WiFi connectivity.
  • Cons: Very few. Heil reliability is in the middle of the pack. The key to good reliability is finding an experienced installer. If the local Heil dealer has a poor track record, look for the same model from one of the other ICP brands.

Daikin DZ18TC Heat Pump

Daikin is one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world, but entered the US residential market less than a decade ago. Daikin bought Goodman/Amana, and for a few years simply added the Daikin name to Goodman and Amana heat pumps.

Now, Daikin has begun to overhaul the HVAC lineup, and the quality is very good. Here's a link to this heat pump's product page.

  • Efficiency: 19 SEER / 10 HSPF, Energy Star.
  • Warranties: 12-year parts warranty and 12-year complete unit replacement warranty if the compressor fails. This is one of the best heat pump warranties available.
  • Pros: The compressor is made by Copeland, one of the most reliable brands available.
  • Cons: Daikin is expanding its dealer network. If there isn’t a Daikin dealer where you live, contact a Goodman or Amana dealer for a near-identical heat pump to this one.

Lennox Elite XP16 Heat Pump

This is a very efficient two-stage heat pump from a leading brand. It has definite pros and cons, and that’s why it is number five in our list of two-stage models.

  • Efficiency: 17 SEER / 9.5 HSPF, Energy Star
  • Warranties: 10-year compressor warranty; 5-year parts warranty. The parts warranty is below-average for the industry.
  • Pros: Lennox is committed to good efficiency, and the quality is at least average.
  • Cons: Besides the below-average warranty, Lennox has a reputation for expensive repairs. They have also had supply chain issues in the past, so parts can be delayed.


Best Single-Stage Heat Pumps for 2018

Single-stage models are affordable and reliable. A single-stage compressor is the most durable, and if repairs are needed, less expensive than repairing two-stage and variable-speed heat pumps.

Efficiency ratings for single-stage models have improved recently, so these units are suitable for warm climates, if not the hottest climates.

Here are the best single-stage heat pumps 2018.

Trane XR16 Heat Pump

This model has been in production for 10+ years, so the technology isn’t cutting edge, but it is proven. Trane’s Climatuff compressor is considered among the best and most efficient available.

  • Efficiency: 17 SEER / 9.6 HSPF, Energy Star
  • Warranties: 10 years on the compressor and other parts is the industry average.
  • Pros: Durability when maintained – cleaned and tuned every year or two. The Trane XR16 is available in a variety of sizes: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 ton models. This unit is available in an American Standard version too.
  • Cons: Some Trane parts are more expensive than other brand parts.


York LX YHE Heat Pump

Johnson Controls makes York, Luxaire, Coleman and a few other brands. For years, its ACs had one of the worst repair records in the industry.

With a new commitment to quality – and to stop paying so many warranty claims – these units are now average to good in terms of durability.

  • Efficiency: 14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF
  • Warranties: 10 years on the compressor and parts; a 1-year labor warranty.
  • Pros: Improved quality, and York’s customer service is very good, should you need service on this unit while under warranty.
  • Cons: Good performance in all weather, though its basic efficiency is best for moderate climates without extreme heat or cold.

Armstrong 4SHP15LE Heat Pump

Armstrong is one of those brands that doesn’t get the attention that Carrier, Lennox and Trane do, but its products are quite reliable. Here is the Armstrong 4SHP15LE product page.

  • Efficiency: 15 SEER / 8.5 HSPF
  • Warranties: 10 years on all parts
  • Pros: Basic and reliable. An affordable alternative to the “big name” brands.
  • Cons: Best suited to moderate climates. Armstrong does make very good heat pumps that are more efficient too.

Bryant 225B Heat Pump

Bryant and Carrier make identical equipment, though Bryant is sometimes a little less expensive. This unit can be used in a dual fuel system with a gas furnace. Dual fuel makes sense in the coldest climates where heat pumps can struggle in sub-freezing weather to capture enough heat.

Bryant and Carrier call their refrigerant Puron. It’s R410A that all residential heat pumps use.

  • Efficiency: 16 SEER / 9.0 HSPF
  • Warranties: 10-year parts and compressor.
  • Pros: This is a quiet heat pump, a few decibels below average.
  • Cons: While a little more affordable than Carrier, Bryant units cost more than Armstrong, Amana, Goodman, Day & Night and others.

Rheem Classic Series RP14 Heat Pump

Rheem is another brand that has recently gone through an upgrade in quality and performance. This is available in sizes 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 and 5 tons.

  • Efficiency: 15 SEER / 12.5 EER / 9.0 HSPF, Energy Star
  • Warranties: 10 years on all parts.
  • Pros: These units come in affordable piston and newer TXV styles. Ask your installer which is right for your project or get estimates on both.
  • Cons: Nothing glaring. This is a dependable, no-frills heat pump that will be durable when properly maintained.

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    I have an American Standard 3 Ton 2 stage, Variable Speed Blower Package Heat Pump, 15 SEER, R410-A. PH2A36. Do you know what the surge wattage is. I would like to use a DuroMax Hybrid Dual Fuel XP12000EH 12,000-Watt Portable Generator, as a backup, it can handle 9,500 running watts and 12, 000 surge. Thank you.

  • January 26, 2019 at 3:51 pm

    I do not but I would check with the ratings at the mfg website.

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