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WebHVAC October 2018 Monthly Top 5 HVAC News Stories

Here is our monthly look at HVAC and related news you can use. This month – the latest Weather Service forecast, tips for furnace maintenance, Energy Star Most Efficient Furnaces and More.

Top HVAC Stories October 2018

Last month's post noted that most major brands are raising prices effective immediately. Lennox wasn't in the original list but announced in October that it too was increasing costs on residential HVAC equipment.

Now to fresh stories.

Winter Might Be Warm???

The US Weather Service has updated its 2018-2019 Winter Weather Forecast and is suggesting warmer than usual temperatures for much of the US.

2018-19 Winter Outlook map for temperature.


The Most Efficient Gas Furnaces

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient in 2018

Each year, the US DOE and Energy Star compile a list of the most efficient HVAC equipment. Here is this year's list of the Most Efficient Gas Furnaces – some with an incredible top efficiency of more than 97%!

Most Efficient Heat Pumps

If you live in a very cold climate, we recommend you stick with a gas furnace even though some of these efficient heat pumps can do the job in sub-freezing weather. Here's the list of the 2018 Energy Star Most Efficient Heat Pumps.

Is Your Furnace Leaking Carbon Monoxide – or Is It a Scam?

When a furnaces combustion box, aka heat exchanger, cracks, deadly carbon monoxide WILL leak, and your furnace should be replaced. The cost of the repair is way too high to consider. Replacing with new equipment is the right choice. However:

  1. Some homeowners mistake normal start-up smell for a CO leak, as this October news story discusses.
  2. The fake carbon monoxide leaking scam is an old one. If a technician says your furnace is leaking CO, but your CO detector hasn't gone off, get a second opinion from a reliable, trustworthy company. Scaring homeowners into replacing their furnace needlessly is a common scam, as discussed here.

Having your Gas Furnace Serviced – A Checklist

We've discussed in the past how to keep a gas furnace working efficiently and reliably. Here's a look back at that furnace maintenance checklist.



Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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