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WebHVAC July 2018 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

Each month we bring you relevant and interesting stories with links to useful information. Here are the top July 2018 HVAC stories.

Top HVAC Stories July 2018

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Save Money, Stay Comfortable in Summer Heat

Right now, your AC is producing some of the highest energy bills of the year. If it fails, repair costs will be high too.

We recommend getting maintenance on your central air conditioner or heat pump and air handler this time of year to prevent breakdowns and keep it running at peak efficiency.

Other tips are:

  • Change or clean filters as needed
  • Shade your AC if possible – it will disperse heat more easily
  • Keep your house warmer when nobody is home – a programmable thermostat is ideal for saving money this way
  • Weatherize windows and doors with fresh caulk and weather stripping

Here are additional Summer Energy Saving Tips from Energy Star.

Is Zoned HVAC Right for Your Home?

Zoned HVAC is best installed when you’re changing out your system. However, it can be a retrofit. There are many advantages including better temperature balance and lower energy use and cost.

For example, does your upstairs get too warm in summer because the thermostat is downstairs? Would you like to run your HVAC system at 67% to 75% and still stay as comfortable as you want to be?

Zoning your HVAC system might be the answer. It’s an upfront cost that will pay for itself in 3-10 years depending on your climate. Just make sure you choose an HVAC contractor very experienced in zoned HVAC system installation.

Will your HVAC Installer Sell you a Doorbell?

Today’s smart homes integrate many functions in one central control system. It can be a thermostat or other device.

If you enjoy smart home technology, here are a couple sources – one on IoT WiFi thermostats and the other a cautionary tale about smart thermostats, in this case the nest thermostat.

Sealing Ducts for Lower Energy Bills

If you’ve never inspected your ductwork or had it looked at to ensure it is properly sealed, you should.

Up to 30% of heated and cooled air escapes leaky ducts. That’s a huge waste of resources and money.

This Energy Star guide to Benefits of Duct Sealing is a good introduction.

This Energy Star page is called Why Seal and Insulate. It shows where costly leaks might be occurring and how to stop them.

Common Air Leaks

Fall Weather and Hurricane Outlook

The spring hurricane outlook was for an active season rivaling 2017. Things have changed, and a milder season is expected.

As for weather, here’s a look at heat and precipitation predictions for August through October.


Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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