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WebHVAC March 2018 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

After an early warmup across much of the country, winter made a definite comeback that has stretched into spring.

Top HVAC Stories for March 2018

We shared the National Weather Service’s Spring Forecast last month, and now we’ve got tips and news you can use.

It’s AC Maintenance Time

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, these heat pump and AC maintenance tips will improve the system’s performance and efficiency. That leads to lower energy costs and a more comfortable home.

2018 Most Efficient Central ACs & Heat Pumps

If you’re going green with your new central air conditioner, this list from Energy Star of the most efficient models gives you plenty from which to choose.

HVAC System: Repair or Replace?

Did you know that some unscrupulous HVAC technicians encourage their customers to repair a unit that should be replaced instead? Here’s what a leading HVAC industry “guru” named Charlie Greer says about repair and replace: “Once you bring up…replacing the customer’s equipment, you stand the risk of the customer deciding to get bids, and you can wind up getting neither the repair nor the replacement sale. In the long run, you make more money when [customers] opt for the repair. You get one repair now, possibly a few more down the road, and then a higher price when they ultimately replace it in the future.”

Lennox makes money from both repair and replace, so this information about when to repair or replace is unbiased. It’s sound advice.

Heat Pumps in Freezing Climates?

A new breed of high-efficiency heat pumps can collect enough air in freezing temperatures to heat your home. Here’s information from the DOE on cold climate air-source heat pumps that you might find interesting and useful as you make your HVAC system buying decision.

The Lost Art of HVAC Installation

David Richardson, a curriculum developer and HVAC instructor for the National Comfort Institute says, “The HVAC Industry Needs a Return to Craftsmanship.” He argues that, “Craftsmanship is gradually disappearing in our industry. Sloppiness has become the normal pattern in many installations.” Read more and what Richardson offers as a solution here.

If your HVAC system needs maintenance and repair, or if you’re planning to replace it, we can help you locate a qualified contractor committed to proper installation. Our service partner only uses prescreened, license and insured installers with years of experience. There is no cost and no obligation for using the service.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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