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WebHVAC January 2018 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

Here’s this month’s HVAC, weather and related stories that might impact your life in 2018 and beyond.

Top HVAC Stories January 2018

Our selection this month ranges from new equipment to energy savings to the weather you can expect over the next 90 days.

NOAA’s February to April Outlook for 2018 Weather

These maps from the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center show expected temperatures and precipitation across the United States. A snowier season than average is expected to continue in the Great Lakes region while the Southwest might be warmer and drier than normal. Those are just two of the regional outlooks. See them all on this page from the Climate Prediction Center.

Carrier Introduces the Most Efficient AC You Can Buy

Carrier has long been an innovator in energy efficiency. The demand among consumers for products that use less energy and cost less to operate is driving all companies to find solutions. Carrier’s new 42 SEER ductless AC leads the way. Check out Carrier’s Facebook page for more information. If you’re not a fan of Facebook, the information is found in this press release too.

Energy Star’s List of 2018 Most Efficient Products

Each January, the Department of Energy’s Energy Star program releases its list of products that are compliant with its criteria. The list includes heating and cooling, windows, appliances and more. Here's the list.

HVAC Trends in 2018 and Beyond

Here’s an industry insider’s look at four trends important to the HVAC industry and consumers.

How the New Tax Bill Affects the Renewable Energy Industry

Leading up to the final version and passing of the recent tax bill, there was a lot of back and forth about what would stay in the bill and what would be scuttled. Here’s a look at what stayed and how the bill impacts the renewable energy industry.

Bonus: Do You Need to Run a Bathroom Exhaust Fan in Winter to Remove Humidity?

Here's a blog post from Energy Vanguard that covers the issue in significant depth. We found it helpful. Perhaps you will too.

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