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WebHVAC September 2017 Monthly Top 5 HVAC Stories

Here’s HVAC news for pros and homeowners about what’s going on in the industry that might affect you including hurricanes and helping hands.

September 2017 HVAC News and More

If you enjoy these stories and the links included, you might want to look back on stories from August, July and earlier months for more interesting and useful information.

The 2017 Hurricane Season Will Stay Busy

Recently, we linked to NOAA forecasts that predicted a hurricane season that is busier than normal. NOAA was right, and expects the 2017 tropical storm/hurricane season to continue to be an active one.

Texas-based HVAC Companies Help Hurricane Victims

Both Goodman and Friedrich have headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Texas cities including Houston. These two top brands stepped up to help Hurricane Harvey victims. Friedrich shipped 200 AC units to hard-hit Aransas county. Goodman announced Operation Returning Comfort to provide discounts on replacement HVAC equipment to all Texans affected by the storm.

Have you Considered Geothermal?

More homeowners are installing geothermal heat pumps because of the lower energy use and cost. With the industry more competitive, there are more installers too. The upside of competition is that prices are lower. The downside is that there are more inexperienced installers looking for a piece of the growing pie. With geothermal, as with air-source heat pumps, the quality of the installation is extremely important. Get estimates from prescreened, license, insured and fully qualified contractor services in your area before making a decision on who installs your geothermal HVAC system.

In terms of brand, the big-name residential HVAC companies like Lennox, Carrier and Trane make geothermal equipment. However, you might be better served choosing a brand like WaterFurnace or ClimateMaster that specialize in geothermal heat pumps.

2017 Most Efficient Furnaces and Air-source Heat Pumps

If you’re in the market for conventional equipment, our 2017 guides to the best furnaces and heat pumps provide research information:

Gas Furnace Buyers Guide

Most Efficient Gas Furnaces 2017

Most Energy Efficient Heat Pumps 2017

Heat Pump Buyers Guide 2017

Top Rated Heat Pumps 2017

Is Your Ductwork Costing you Money?

Leaking ducts and ductwork that aren't insulated is costing you money as heat escapes into space you wouldn’t heat anyway, and your furnace must run longer to heat your living space. In warm weather, non-insulated ducts can cause condensation and the mold, rot and insects that feed on them Pretty horrible, right? The answer is to use mastic and fiberglass tape to seal the joints and seams of exposed ductwork and then wrap/cover them in duct wrap like this from Lowes but available from all hardware and home improvement stores.

This is a monthly feature, so come back soon in mid-October for the latest news or see recent posts for more information. Perhaps your friends and followers would benefit from the information here, so feel free to pass it along using our social media share tabs or by sharing the link directly.

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