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Top Rated Oil Furnaces 2016

This list of the best 2016 oil furnaces is a great starting point for researching your next model. We rely on consumer information and independent testing to determine the top rated oil furnaces for 2016.

This list focuses on:

  • Quality design and components
  • Performance and climate control
  • Durability as demonstrated by service records

Best Oil Furnaces of 2016

Most of these oil furnaces feature a variable-speed blower, and it’s a big part of what sets them apart. Some of the furnaces here are also among the most energy efficient available. Most are Energy Star qualified, and they should reduce your energy costs when replacing a furnace 15+ years old.

You’ll find HVAC reviews here on some of these oil furnaces. The reviews contain more detail. Use the links or search box to find reviews on specific oil furnaces including complete HVAC prices for each model.

Note: Due to changing prices, we’ve updated prices for 2016. The ranges reflect the fact that each furnace is available in sizes from less than 80,000 BTU to more than 150,000 BTU.

1. Carrier Performance 80 CVM Oil Furnace

This is an 85.7% AFUE furnace, so you’ll see up to a 20% reduction in fuel use when replacing an old furnace with this one. Starting at 70,000 BTU models, the largest furnace in the series is 154,000 BTU.

Top Features of the Carrier Performance 80 CVM

The burner is single-stage, as virtually all oil furnace burners are. However, the variable-speed blower will improve comfort. It starts slow, so there’s no blast of unheated air (or uncooled air when used with a central air conditioner in warm weather) at the start of the cycle.

As one of Carrier’s Hybrid Heat models, the Carrier CVM can be installed in a split system with a heat pump. The heat pump will do the heating when temperatures are above freezing, since a heat pump does the work far more efficiently. In colder temperatures, a heat pump can’t draw enough heat from outside air, so the furnace automatically takes over.

Also called a dual fuel system, they cost more for the equipment, but hybrid systems are the most energy efficient. In other words, in cold climates, the extra expense of the heat pump instead of a central air conditioner will be recouped in just a few years in the form of lower heating bills.

  • 2016 Carrier Performance 80 CVM price range: $2,200-$3,400

Reason to Choose the Carrier 80 CVM Oil Furnace

If you’re going to live in your current home for five or more years and want the lowest possible energy bills, the Hybrid Heat performance will give it to you. The savings will be driven by the lower cost of operating a heat pump vs. an oil furnace. For the most efficient performance, select a Carrier heat pump with at least 9.0 HSPF heating.

2. Trane XV80 Oil Furnace

Offering a very efficient 85% AFUE, this Trane oil furnace will cut fuel costs and keep your home quite comfortable whether it is heating or supporting a Trane central air conditioner. Both lowboy and highboy models are available to meet your installation requirements.

Top Features of the Trane XV80

The variable-speed blower starts slow and ramps up as the furnace gets hot. This keeps temperatures steadier without blowing cold air to start the cycle. Trane’s CleanEffects air filtration equipment can be added to this system to improve indoor air quality. The Beckett flame retention burner is one of the best in the industry.

  • 2016 Trane XV80 price range: $2,400-$3,800

Reason to Choose the Trane XV80 Oil Furnace

If you’re looking for a top-rated oil furnace with excellent climate control features, the Trane XV80 delivers.

3. Heil QuietComfort 87 OLV Low Boy Oil Furnace

Heil’s best oil furnace offers outstanding 86.6% AFUE efficiency, a good choice for cold climates.

Note: This furnace is sold under several brand names. Heil, Day & Night, Arcoaire, Tempstar, Keep Rite, and Comfortmaker offer the exact same product lineup. This unit is also the same as the Bryant Preferred OVL and Carrier Performance OVL models.

Top Features of the Heil QuietComfort 87 OLV Furnace

This is a dual fuel oil furnace, so it can be paired with a heat pump to produce the most efficient heating throughout the winter. As noted with the Carrier CVM above, the heat pump does the majority of the heating in a dual fuel system, and the oil furnace takes over in freezing weather when a heat pump is ineffective.

The variable-speed blower creates gentle heating and cooling cycles and improves humidity control in all seasons. Heil’s excellent 10-year No Hassle furnace replacement warranty applies to the heat exchanger, which is also backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

2016 Heil 87 OLV price range: $2,100-$3,200

Reason to Choose the Heil QuietComfort 87 OLV Furnace

If you prefer to buy a dual fuel system with a heat pump and oil furnace, the system will allow you to recoup the extra expense in less than five years. This furnace delivers excellent climate control too.

4. Carrier Performance 80 OVM Oil Furnace

Carrier’s second model on the list is very efficient at 86.0% AFUE, so it’s ideal for cold winters. This one is Hybrid Heat compatible as well, so it can be installed in a system with a heat pump to back up the heat pump when temperatures drop below freezing.

Top Features of the Carrier Performance 80 Oil Furnace

The unit is equipped with a variable-speed blower that changes speeds in sync with the operation of the burner to optimize indoor comfort. The blower also improves dehumidification when the furnace is working with a central air conditioner in warm weather. The top brands of burner, Beckett and Riello, are available in this furnace.

  • 2016 Carrier Performance 80 price range: $2,300-$3,400

Reason to Choose the Carrier Performance 80 OVM Oil Furnace

The dual fuel heating is the most efficient choice for cold climates. This is a high-quality, high-performance oil furnace.

5. Lennox Signature Series SLO185V Oil Furnace

Lennox’s best oil furnace is an 85% AFUE model with good climate control.

Top Features of the Lennox SLO185V Oil Furnace

The unit uses the Beckett flame retention burner, and as noted here already, it’s one of the top burners available. It burns efficiently and stays lit in drafts very well. This Lennox oil furnace features a variable-speed blower for comfortable, even heating and cooling.

  • 2016 Lennox Signature SLO185V price range: $2,400-$3,400

Reason to Choose the Lennox SLO185V Oil Furnace

If you want a top-quality oil furnace and have had good success with Lennox in the past, you’ll likely have a good experience with this one over the next couple of decades.

6. Armstrong Air L85UFV Highboy Oil Furnace

This is an efficient oil furnace with an 85% AFUE rating, so it should reduce energy use when installed to replace an older furnace. Sister brand Air Ease makes this furnace too.

Top Features of the Armstrong Air L85UFV Furnace

This is a highboy furnace best suited to installation in a basement or utility closet. The burner is a Beckett, one of the best available. The aluminized heat exchanger is protected with a lifetime limited warranty. The unit features a variable-speed blower for enhanced air control in every season.

  • 2016 Armstrong Air L85UFV price range: $2,000-$3,100

Reason to Choose the Armstrong L85UFV Oil Furnace

This unit optimizes indoor comfort, and you’ll have peace of mind with the outstanding warranty.

7. Rheem Classic Highboy & Ruud Achiever Highboy 86.5% ECM Oil Furnaces

These are twin models from two of the leading brands in the industry. The high efficiency will cut energy use and costs immediately.

Top Features of the Rheem & Ruud Highboy Furnace

The variable-speed ECM motor distributes heats evenly and quietly, and it uses less electricity than standard motors. The constant fan-on option maximizes indoor comfort and humidity control in all seasons.

  • 2016 Rheem & Ruud Highboy price range: $2,000-$3,000

Reason to Choose the Rheem Classic & Ruud Achiever Highboy Oil Furnace

The ECM variable-speed blower enhances indoor comfort by removing excess humidity in the summer. In the winter, it can distribute more moisture when a humidifier is part of the system. In other words, if climate control is a top HVAC priority, this oil furnace is a good choice.

Quality Installation is Essential to Efficiency and Performance

As is true with any mechanical equipment, oil furnaces must be installed properly to give you the efficiency, comfort control and durability you expect. It makes sense to choose a qualified contractor with good experience to install your oil furnace.

We can help you find a screened, experienced installer where you live. Fill out our free estimate form, and you’ll receive competitive estimates from three of the top HVAC professionals in your area. It takes just a minute to do and saves you the hassle of finding and contacting contractors. The service is free, and there is no obligation for using it.

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