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Best Rated Commercial HVAC Systems for 2014


Here are the top rated commercial HVAC systems for 2014 in sizes up to 25 tons. There are times when a residential HVAC system just isn’t big enough! If you’ve got a very large home or a large business space you want to heat and air condition, stepping up to a commercial system might be the right choice.

In this list, we give the primary features of the top commercial HVAC systems that are most often used in single-family residences, multi-family settings and small-to-medium business space.

1. Lennox Energence Rooftop HVAC Systems

The energy efficiency of these systems is really very good, with up to 18 SEER air conditioning with standard power. In climates suitable to solar power, SEER ratings of up to 34 can be achieved. When the optional SmartAirflow System is included,the Lennox Emergence handles the building’s ventilation needs too. You’ve got your choice of gas heating or electric  (heat pump) heating with these systems, and they’re available in sizes from three to 50 tons.

Multiple cooling stages reduce temperature fluctuations while improving climate control. For summer cooling, the patented Lennox Humiditrol dehumidification technology removes more humidity to create a comfortable environment at a higher temperature, and this will reduce cooling costs. The Lennox Energence rooftop HVAC systems are Energy Star qualified because they use significantly less use than the industry average. Service of the Lennox Energence systems is made easy with hinged access panels and an isolated compressor compartment.

2. Daikin VRV Heat Pump Systems

This is the 7th generation VRV system that is now more than 30 years old. It has proven to be an industry leader, and each update improves performance and efficiency. Daikin is an industry leader in energy efficiency, quality and performance. The VRV heat pump delivers reliable heating and air conditioning along with ventilation and humidity control.

One control unit can be used with up to 60 indoor fan coil units. These indoor units can be wall or ceiling fan coils to make it easy to configure to meet your exact HVAC requirements. The lightweight, modular design offers easier installation and service.

The R-410A refrigerant used in the VRV is ecofriendly – it is shown not to deplete ozone from the atmosphere. The Daikin VRV heat pump system is available in capacity from five to 30 tons.

3. Carrier Gemini Commercial Split System

You’ve got good options here. The Gemini 38AUZ offers cooling only in capacity from six to 20 tons. The cooling is single stage which offers greater affordability.

The Gemini 38AUD delivers cooling only. The system uses a two-stage condensing unit for increased climate control including better dehumidification and balanced temperatures.

Finally, the Gemini 38AUQ is a heat pump system that both heats and air conditions the space. It is available in capacities from six to 20 tons. The outdoor unit may be installed on the roof or ground.

Whichever system is right for you, the Gemini 40RU Series air handlers deliver quiet, efficient operation. All systems use Carrier Puron refrigerant, a proprietary version of R-410A known to cause no damage to the ozone layer.

4. Goodman CPH 7.5 to 12.5 Ton Commercial Heat Pumps

Ideal for very large homes, duplexes and quads, these heat pumps offer 5-year warranty protection, among the best commercial warranties available. These are packaged units; a heat pump and an air handler are housed in the same cabinet to create ease of installation and service.

Other top features of the Goodman CPH commercial heat pumps include the use of safe R-410A refrigerant, a high-efficiency scroll compressor that offers quiet operation, high-capacity filter drier to remove impurities and extend compressor life and a built-in filter rack that uses commercial-grade 2-inch filters.


It always makes sense to get multiple estimates on a commercial project. We can help by offering you three estimates from licensed, pre-screened contractors in your area. There is no obligation for the service, and it will put you in touch with a qualified contractor that can answer your questions, help you select the right unit and have it installed at the best price.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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