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Armstrong 93% A931A Gas Furnace Review


This review of the Armstrong single-stage 93% gas furnace includes features, sizes, prices and who should consider this model. Being an Energy Star rated 93% gas furnace, this model will help lower energy use in any climate when replacing most older furnaces.

The Armstrong A931A furnace features a single-stage burner. This means it runs at 100% when heating. The results may produce slight temperature fluctuations in your home which can be eliminated by a 2-stage or modulating furnace, both of which Armstrong offers. The upside to the single-stage model is reduced cost.

Top Features of the Armstrong A931A Gas Furnace

The multispeed blower is a nice feature. It will ramp up after the furnace starts, run at full capacity and ramp down near the end of the cycle. Here’s a look at what else this furnace offers.

  • 93% efficiency is Energy Star qualified
  • Single-stage heating
  • Aluminized, crimped primary heat exchanger isn’t welded
  • Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger enhances efficiency
  • Aluminized inshot burners fire dependably for years
  • Low NOx models available for CA
  • Upflow/horizontal and downflow models available
  • Models from 44,000 to 110,000 BTU

Armstrong A931A Gas Furnace Price

Armstrong offers good quality at pretty competitive prices. Our prices are an average for the furnace only. Prices will differ slightly where you live. Here are current Armstrong A931A gas furnace costs.

44,000 BTU Armstrong A931A gas furnace: $979

66,000 BTU Armstrong A931A gas furnace: $1,039

88,000 BTU Armstrong A931A gas furnace: $1,099

110,000 BTU Armstrong A931A gas furnace: $1,169

135,000 BTU Armstrong A931A gas furnace: $1,349

Armstrong A931A Gas Furnace Warranty

The warranty on this gas furnace is about average for the industry. The heat exchangers are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. All other parts are backed by a 10-year limited warranty. The unit must be purchased from an Armstrong dealer to be covered by the warranty. For that reason, we encourage readers to use the form on this page to get 3 fast written estimates with no cost or obligation. They contractors are qualified to sell and install Armstrong equipment, and they compete to give you the lowest price.

Maximizing Durability and Performance

Choosing a qualified contractor to install your gas furnace will help to ensure that it runs efficiently and durably. When you have your Armstrong A931A installed by a pro, it should give you 20+ years of good service when you keep it properly maintained.

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