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Trane HVAC Systems


Here’s an overview of Trane residential HVAC systems that give you options. Trane makes highly rated residential HVAC systems including conventional split systems, heat pump systems, packaged system, geothermal systems and more. It also manufactures a complete line of quality commercial HVAC systems.

Trane Gas/Electric Split Systems

A gas furnace (natural gas or propane) provides heat while a central air conditioner cools and dehumidifies the home. Oil furnaces are also available from Trane, but they’re typically only used where gas and propane is not readily available.

Trane gas furnaces come in several lines with the Trane XC furnaces being the best. The “C” in the title stands for “communicating.” This means the systems components share information in order to maximize heating efficiency and indoor comfort. The XC95 also supplies modulating heat – the next wave in indoor climate control – and has a variable-speed blower that helps the unit achieve an AFUE rating of over 97%.

From there, Trane offers a range of furnaces in this order of quality and performance: Trane XV, XL, XT, XR and XB. Typically, each series will have an Energy Star rated furnace of at least 90% AFUE and one or more 80% furnaces.

Trane Air Conditioners

ACs used in these split systems also come in several series. The better series are Energy Star rated and many offer two-stage cooling that balances temperatures better while also doing a better job of dehumidifying your home.

HVAC reviews of all the models can be found on this site. Each of the central air conditioner reviews includes air conditioner prices, so you’ve got the data you need for making an informed decision.

The range of Trane central air conditioners, starting with the best and most efficient, looks like this: Trane XL (4 models), Trane XR (4 models) and Trane XB (4 models). Eleven of these 12 models are Energy Star rated.

Trane Heat Pump Split Systems

Trane’s heat pumps approximately reflect the AC lines. The Trane heat pumps are, from best to least series: Trane XL (4 models), Trane XR (4 models) and Trane XB (2 models). All Trane heat pumps are Energy Star rated, and the better models offer 2-stage heating and cooling.

Trane Packaged Units

These units contain both the heating and cooling component in one large cabinet. The unit is typically installed on the ground or a rooftop.

Packaged units are only recommended for use where split systems cannot be installed. The reasons for this are that packaged units are not as efficient as split systems and they don’t last as long because all of the components are subjected to the weather.

Trane makes gas/electric package units and heat pump package units. The most efficient gas/electric system is the XL16C that offers 16.6 SEER cooling – one of the best in the industry – and an 80% gas furnace.

The Trane XL16C EarthWise Hybrid packaged system is notable in that it contains a heat pump instead of a gas furnace. The heat pump provides heat in all weather except at times when the temperature is below freezing. Then, the gas furnace heats until temperatures rise above freezing and the system automatically switches back to heat pump heating.

Trane packaged unit systems from best to least are: Trane XLC Series (10 models, two of which are hybrid heat/dual fuel models), Trane XR heat pump (1 model) and the Trane XB Series (3 models).

Trane Mini-Split and Multi-Split Ductless Systems

These systems use a single compressor called the outdoor unit installed on the outside of the house. A mini-split system features a single indoor unit to heat and cool a single zone.

Multi-split systems also have one outdoor unit, but they can provide heating and cooling to up to 5 separate indoor units.

For mini-split systems, indoor units that mount on the ceiling or wall are available. For multi-split systems, ceiling, wall and floor-mounted indoor units are offered.

Ductless systems cost less to install than traditional split systems when ductwork is factored in. They’re also ideal for additions and locations otherwise not served by central heating and cooling.

Efficiency levels up to 22 SEER are offered in Trane ductless HVAC systems, and the heating and cooling can be quite comfortable.

Trane Geothermal Systems

Geothermal heating and cooling offers much higher efficiencies that air-source heat pumps and gas-fueled heating and cooling. It takes advantage of a cooler spot – the earth or a water system rather than hot summer air – to dump heat while cooling.

In the winter, it draws heat from the ground or water which are both at temperatures much higher than cold winter air.

The unit, therefore, uses less energy to gather heat during heating cycles and get rid of heat when cooling. Trane also uses the name Trane EnviroWise Geothermal Systems for its geothermal projects.

Trane Packaged Geothermal Systems: EER ratings can be as high as 40 with these units, with COP ratings (coefficient of performance) over 5.0. These produce dramatic energy and cost savings. Variable-speed airflow and variable-capacity compressors are available. These are ground-source heat pumps – they get heat from the ground and dump it there as well. The heat pump and air handler are housed in one large cabinet.

Water to Water Geothermal Systems: As the name implies, heat is picked up and dumped in water supplied by closed or open loops. These units can also be used to heat water for your hot water system. The top efficiency is 22.5 EER.

Geothermal Split Systems: The Trane T2GE Outdoor geothermal system includes the heat pump installed outside and the Trane Hyperion air handler installed indoors. This two-stage system offers EER up to 25.1. The Trane T2GN system requires both units to be installed indoors. An EER rating of up to 27.6 is possible with this unit.


Trane covers the bases as well as any manufacturer of residential HVAC systems. Our reviews will help you locate a system to meet your needs. A Trane qualified contractor in your area can also answer your questions and provide you with written estimates on the systems you have the most interest in.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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