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Carrier HVAC Systems


This overview of Carrier HVAC systems covers split, packaged, geothermal and ductless systems for residential installation. Carrier is also a world leader in commercial HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Carrier is seen by many as the “gold standard” for quality and reliability. It is certainly one of the best, based on our reviewing virtually every model or residential HVAC equipment. The Carrier Infinity Series is one of the best 3 series in the marketplace. Carrier equipment shows good quality, efficiency and durability in its other lines too: Performance and Comfort.

See our HVAC reviews for a huge catalog of Carrier reviews that will help you compare Carrier units side by side and to other top brands like Trane, Lennox, Maytag and more.

Carrier Standard Split Systems

The traditional split system features a furnace inside and a central air conditioner outside. The furnace is typically natural gas, but propane and oil furnaces are available from Carrier too.

Carrier Infinity models (3) are very efficient. Some provide modulating heat, often called Carrier Greenspeed technology. Efficiency levels are mostly Energy Star qualified, with the best being more than 98% efficient.

The other two series of Carrier furnaces, the Performance (7 models) and Comfort Series (8 models), offer performance vs. price options to suit your specific climate, how long you intend to live in your home, your heating preferences and your budget (though none are cheap!).

Central air conditioners are typically paired with gas furnaces, and Carrier offers the same three series. The most efficient Carrier Infinity ACs (4 models) offer two-stage cooling and 21 SEER.

A Greenspeed air conditioner with a modulating compressor should be out any time. One is already available on the heat pump side. The Performance Series includes 4 models and the Comfort Series has 3 models.

In the three series, you’ll find a range of efficiencies as well as two-stage and single-stage cooling. Every model is Energy Star qualified.

Carrier Heat Pump Split Systems

Typical heat pump systems feature a heat pump condensing unit outside and an air handler inside.

Dual fuel heat pumps, or Hybrid Heat as Carrier calls it, has a heat pump outside and a gas furnace indoors. Since heat pumps cost less to run than even very efficient gas furnaces, the heat pump does 75% to 85% of the heating. The gas furnace is only employed when the temperature outside dips below zero – into the zone in which heat pumps are not effective.

The same three series are available in heat pumps: Infinity (5 models), Performance (4 models) and Comfort (3 models).

The Infinity Series heat pump with Greenspeed Technology offers 20.5 SEER and a remarkable 13 HSPF. The compressor modulates to provide optimum comfort indoors.

From there, you’ll find that all the units are Energy Star qualified with single-and two-stage models offered. Warranties are very good from the best to least of the Carrier heat pump models.

Carrier Packaged Units

Packaged units are typically used in commercial settings, but are only employed in residential homes where a split system cannot be used. Packaged units are not as efficient, and since all equipment is outdoors, they are often not as durable.

Carrier provides many options in the Infinity Series (4 models), Performance Series (4 models) and the Comfort Series (6 models). Packaged units with gas heat and AC cooling, heat pump heating and cooling and systems with both a heat pump and a gas furnace give you three configuration choices to best meet your requirements. Most, but not all, Carrier packaged units are Energy Star rated.

Carrier Ductless HVAC Systems

Commonly used in commercial applications, ductless systems also work well in residential homes for additions or to heat and cool areas not adequately served by the central HVAC system.

Carrier has partnered with Toshiba, a world leader in ductless systems, for its commercial line, the Toshiba-Carrier Commercial Series ductless. SEER ratings to 21 and HSPF ratings to nearly 12 are available across 3 models. Performance Commercial Series (6 models) and Comfort Commercial Series (2 models) are also offered.

For residential use, you have the Performance Series (3 models) while the Comfort Commercial Series (2 models) is also designed for residential use.

With split systems, you have a single outdoor unit feeding heated and cooled air to one or more indoor units, sometimes called air handlers or “heads.” High wall and some ceiling air handlers are offered for the indoor units.

Carrier Geothermal Heat Pumps

Carrier builds a number of geothermal heat pump systems including closed loop and open loop configurations. Here’s a brief overview.

Carrier GT-PX Series Geothermal Heat Pumps (3 models): These packaged units offer top efficiency ratings of 27 EER and 4.6 COP for closed loops and 31.5 EER and 5.1 COP for open loop systems. A forced-air blower is used to circulate treated air. Horizontal, upflow and downflow units are offered. The GT-PX combination system is designed to be installed as a dual fuel heat source where an existing furnace or other heat type is already in use.

Carrier GT-PG Series Geothermal Heat Pumps (3 models): Not quite as efficient, top marks for these are 27.4 EER and 5.1 COP. Horizontal, upflow and downflow units are offered in open loop and closed loop configurations.

Carrier GT-PW Series Hydronic Geothermal System: A heat-only and a heating and cooling system are available. Top efficiency is 5.2 COP in the open loop system and 4.2 COP in the closed loop configuration. There is no air handler in a hydronic system. They radiate heat through loops in the floor and radiators or baseboard units.


See our HVAC reviews for more information on specific systems and components. Each review includes HVAC prices to help you in your research. If you have further questions or want written price quotes, contact your local Carrier qualified contractor or use our free, no-obligation system for getting written estimates in your area.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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