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Payne Heat Pump Price List

This Payne heat pump price list gives complete pricing for both models along with their features and efficiency. Payne’s lineup is currently limited to a 15 SEER and a 13 SEER model. Payne started out as an independent company but has been a subsidiary of Carrier for many years. Payne gives Carrier a presence in the low-cost heat pump market.

See our heat pump reviews for more details on these  models as well as heat pumps from other comparable brands such as York, Aire-Flo, Ducane and more. For more efficient heat pumps, see HVAC reviews from Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Lennox and others.

Payne Heat Pump Prices

The more efficient heat pump is the Payne PH15NB, with 15 SEER cooling efficiency and 8.2 HSPF heating efficiency. It is a single-stage model which means it runs on high capacity whenever it is on. You many notice slight temperature fluctuations between or during cycles, and it won’t remove as much humidity as a 2-stage model will during cooling. If you’d prefer a 2-stage heat pump, you’ll need to look at 16 SEER heat pumps.

The Payne PH13NA heat pump is a standard efficiency 13 SEER model with 7.7 HSPF heating. It’s suitable for regions with mild temperatures throughout the year – so it’s got limited application. It is also popular for installation when low price is more important than high efficiency. For example, it’s a popular choice for cottages, guest apartments, workshops and other locations where it is not used on a regular basis.

Payne PH15NB Heat Pump, 15 SEER, Energy Star, Single-stage

3 ton Payne PH15NB heat pump: $1,689

4 ton Payne PH15NB heat pump: $1,979

5 ton Payne PH15NB heat pump: $2,349

Payne PH13NA Heat Pump, 13 SEER, Single Stage

2 ton Payne PH13NB heat pump: $1,089

3 ton Payne PH13NB heat pump: $1,269

4 ton Payne PH13NB heat pump: $1,389

5 ton Payne PH13NB heat pump: $1,559

Choosing your Payne Heat Pump

As you can see, this is an affordable heat pump, especially in the 13 SEER models. If one of these is right for your climate, they offer good quality and a low price – they’re a good value.

If you don’t know if one is suitable for your climate, ask a qualified contractor for input on the right efficiency level for your home. They’ll also be able to determine the right size heat pump, an important consideration for maximizing home comfort while minimizing operating costs.

If you’re in the market for a 12-18 year heat pump at a very affordable price, Payne heat pumps offer a solution worth looking at.

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