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Aire Flo 92AF Upflow/Horizontal Gas Furnace Rating


Aire Flo is a quality-built line of furnaces and models like the 92AF Upflow/Horizontal gas furnace are some of the most affordable on the market.  This Lennox brand does well in HVAC ratings because it uses good components, provides above-average efficiency, and represents an excellent value for the money.  This furnace also features a new, compact size for more installation options in any home.  Our Aire Flo 92AF Upflow/Horizontal gas furnace rating review covers the details you’re looking for so you can compare this one to other furnaces on your list.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:3/5]

The 92.1% AFUE qualifies as an Energy Star furnace.  When replacing a furnace 15-20 years old, it should reduce heating costs and energy consumption by as much as 35%.  With this efficiency rating, the Aire Flo 92AF gas furnace is a good choice in moderate and cool areas of the country.

Feature Rating [Rating:3/5]

This furnace features a single-stage burner for basic heating.  It won’t control temperature balance or run as quietly as a 2-stage model, but if you’re willing to trade that for much lower equipment cost, this is a furnace to consider.  Here’s a look at the key Aire Flo 92AF furnace features.

  • Single-stage/multi-speed for basic, reliable heating.
  • Aluminized in-shot burners are dependable and quiet.
  • Reduced size fits better  into small spaces.
  • Upflow/Horizontal flow offers multiple installation options.
  • Aluminized steel heat exchanger is durable and efficient.
  • Powder-coated cabinet resists scratches and corrosion.
  • Easily converts to LP gas operation.
  • Gas and electric hook up to either right or left side for convenience.
  • Run-tested at the factory to ensure performance.
  • Sizes from 45,000 to 135,000 Btu and 1.5 to 5.0 ton blowers.

Reliability Rating [Rating:4/5]

This brand is made by Lennox and the commitment to quality is evident.  It scores high in gas furnace ratings for reliable performance.  With proper maintenance, this is a 15-20 year furnace that won’t present a lot of repair issues.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:3/5]

The warranty on the 92AF Upflow/Horizontal gas furnace from Aire Flo is about average for the industry.  It offers a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty.  Most brands offer a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger, but if the heat exchanger fails after 20 years, the furnace will likely need replacing anyway.

Overall Rating [Rating:3/5]

The key features of this furnace are its solid quality, reliable heating and its affordability.  If you don’t need the kind of precise climate control the Carrier Infinity or Lennox Signature Collection delivers, but want a furnace you can rely on to heat your home in the coldest weather, the Aire Flo 92AF gas furnace is a good choice.

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