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Trane Single-Stage XR95 Gas Furnace Rating


Homeowners who choose the Trane Single-Stage XR95 furnace do so to save money and because they want the reliability of a single-stage burner.  This is Trane’s top single-stage model and one that scores very high in consumer gas furnace ratings.  It’s an efficient, cost-effective solution in moderate to cool climates and will help any homeowner reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The XR95 gas furnace is equipped with a variable-speed motor that comes on and shuts down at low speed, providing gentler heating (and cooling with an included AC), as well as quieter operation.  You’ll notice fewer temperature fluctuations with this furnace than you would with a single-speed furnace, but more than you might with a 2-stage model.  The rest of this Trane Single-Stage XR95 gas furnace rating review gives you the facts you need to make an informed decision about this model.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:4/5]

At 95% efficiency, this is one of the most efficient single-stage furnaces available.  It will help you control energy costs, especially important if you live in a cool climate with a long heating season.  The Trane XR95 is an Energy Star product.

Feature Rating [Rating:3/5]

The XR95 furnace does have a multi-speed blower that will help reduce temperature fluctuations when heating and cooling, as well as make the furnace quieter when it comes on and shuts down.  Here is the full list of features for you to evaluate as you search for your next gas furnace:

  • Aluminized primary heat exchanger for efficiency and durability.
  • Secondary heat exchanger to boost efficiency.
  • Direct-drive multi-speed blower motor is quiet and comfortable.
  • Multi-port in-shot burners are dependable and burn clean.
  • Silicon nitride hot surface igniter offers long life and reliability.
  • 5 sizes from 38,000 Btu to 104,500 Btu.

 Reliability Rating [Rating:5/5]

HVAC ratings reviews place Trane near the top of the list for reliability.  With regular maintenance the XR95 gas furnace should provide 20 years of service for your home.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:3/5]

The Trane Single-Stage XR95 comes with a lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty.  This is average for the industry.

Overall Rating [Rating:4/5]

This is a solid gas furnace for the homeowner who doesn’t need the high performance of a 2-stage furnace with communicating technology – or the added price that comes with it.  For cool climates or for anyone who wants to reduce energy consumption, the single-stage XR95 gas furnace from Trane will prove reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

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