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Rheem Classic Series Super Quiet 80 Downflow RGLT Gas Furnace Rating


Rheem makes furnaces in all efficiency ranges, and the Rheem Classic Plus RGLT is their downflow, 80% efficient model.  It’s designed for installation in attics, upper-floor utility closets, and alcoves.  The efficiency level isn’t high, but in warm climates where the furnace isn’t relied on heavily, saving money on equipment with this unit might make sense for your budget and purposes.

The Rheem Super Quiet 80 RGLT is a single-stage, single-speed furnace, a bare-bones model with on/off performance.  It may not appeal to you if you’re looking for tight climate control without noticeable temperature fluctuations, but if your purposes would be served by an inexpensive, reliable furnace you can count on for 15-20 years, take a good look at the RGLT Super Quiet 80 from Rheem.  This gas furnace ratings review will supply you with information that will help you evaluate this furnace in light of your needs.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:1/5]

At just 80% efficient, this is no energy miser.  But if you’re looking for a 3-5 year solution in a home you plan to sell, a furnace for a cottage or garage, or if you live in a warm climate, a standard efficiency furnace that comes with a lower price tag might be perfect.

Feature Rating [Rating:2/5]

Not much fancy here, but the components and materials are of good quality.  Rheem recognizes that many consumers who don’t need a high-performance furnace are still looking for quality and durability, not junk.  The quality of the unit is seen in the solid warranty it comes with (see below).  Here are the top features of the Rheem Classic Series Super Quiet 80 Downflow furnace:

  • Single-stage burner; single-speed blower.
  • Direct-spark ignition provides immediate, dependable firing.
  • In-shot burners are clean and energy-efficient.
  • Fully insulated motor and blower compartment reduce noise as well as heat loss.
  • Permanent molded, washable filter reduces long-term cost while improving air filtration.
  • Left- or right-hand gas and electrical hookup makes it easier to install.
  • Downflow or horizontal air flow. 
  • Stainless and aluminized heat exchanger is durable and resistant to rust.


Reliability Rating [Rating:5/5]

The Rheem Classic Series Super Quiet 80 Downflow RGLT gas furnace rating for reliability is one of the best on the market.  Rheem products generally do very well in HVAC ratings and this one demonstrates the quality that goes into the design and build.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:3/5]

Rheem backs the RGLT Classic Series furnace with a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year parts limited warranty.  The warranty is of average length for quality gas furnaces.

Overall Rating [Rating:3/5]

Depending on your needs, you’ll either immediately reject this furnace or give it a good look.  The Rheem RGLT gas furnace is worth considering when when a warm climate, equipment cost savings, or a short-term or part-time furnace are factors in your decision-making.

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