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Maytag Model M1200 – 16 SEER Heat Pump Rating


Maytag has a reputation for making hard-working, dependable equipment and the Maytag M1200 – 16 SEER heat pump certainly qualifies.  The M1200 line offers innovation and quality, and with those things comes a higher price tag that makes them more expensive than heat pumps with comparable efficiency.

This model is popular with consumers who know the Maytag name and expect excellent performance and dependability.  This Maytag model M1200 – 16 SEER heat pump rating review covers efficiency, features, the warranty and more.  Use these heat pump ratings to evaluate this model and compare it with other 16 SEER heat pumps.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:3/5]

This heat pump delivers 16 SEER air conditioning and 9.0 HSPF which is about average for the industry.  It will reduce energy costs when it replaces an older heat pump, and you may see a 25% to 35% drop in your HVAC operating costs.  In very warm climates, you may want to look at the 22 SEER heat pump from Maytag, or higher-efficiency models from other leading brands.

Feature Rating [Rating:3/5]

The Maytag 16 SEER M1200 offers good performance with a two-stage compressor. It's not Maytag's best modulating scroll compressor, so some Maytag enthusiasts  may be a disappointment.  However, it is the Copeland scroll compressor that does very well in HVAC ratings.  If you are looking for a solid heat pump that will deliver dependable heating and air conditioning, this one can be counted on for that.  Here’s a list of its top features:

  • Two-stage compressor provides quieter operation and more a more comfortable home.
  • Smart Cool 410 refrigerant (R-410A) is safer for the environment than earlier types.
  • Efficient outdoor coil radiates away heat for faster cooling in warm weather.
  • One-piece top provides better protection from weather and yard debris while reducing fan noise.
  • Permanently lubricated fan motor needs no maintenance and is completely shielded from harsh weather.
  • SmartWatch diagnostics store fault codes and monitor the system for faster maintenance and repair.

Reliability Rating [Rating:3/5]

According to customer-generated, independent heat pump ratings, this is a workhorse machine in most homes.  It offers good reliability and should outlive its warranty by many years, given proper maintenance.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:4/5]

The Maytag model M1200 warranty is one of the better warranties in the business.  They call it the 12-year Worry Free Limited warranty.  The compressor and all other parts are covered for 12 years.  Local Maytag dealers can also include a 12-year labor warranty with this model. Since most heat pumps only have a 1-year labor warranty – and the labor often costs more than the replacement parts in repairs – a 12-year labor warranty is outstanding.

Overall Rating [Rating:3.5/5]

If you want a high-quality heat pump from a brand that scores well in heat pump ratings, this is a model to consider.  The efficiency isn’t exceptionally high, but the upside is that it costs less than those with ultra-high efficiency.  Unless you live in a very warm climate and need the most efficient heat pump you can afford, the Maytag model M1200 – 16 SEER heat pump is one of the top 5 in its class.

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