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Maytag M1200 Series 23 SEER Central Air Conditioner Review

Maytag has a history of innovation and the Maytag M1200 Series is a step forward in design and performance.  This model is more efficient that the Carrier Infinity AC and its performance is just as good, judging by consumer generated central air conditioner reviews.  If offers 23 SEER performance to produce 50% to 60% energy savings in most homes.  If you want to reduce your energy bills as much as possible or be as conscientious about the environment as you can be, this model should be at the top of your list to consider.


This Maytag air conditioner uses R-410A refrigerant, with the brand name Smart Cool 410, for even less impact on the environment.  If, however, you live in a cool climate and don't use the AC as much as in a warm climate, this unit won't be a cost-effective choice.  It will take 7-10 years or more in lower utility bills to make up the cost difference between this unit and a quality AC in the 14-16 SEER range.  It's ideal for use in warm, humid climates where it will lower energy bills and produce a cool, comfortable home.  Before we look at pricing and warranty information in this  Maytag M1200 Series 23 SEER central air conditioner review, here are its top features:

  • 23 SEER cooling, far surpasses Energy Star qualifications.
  • Unique modulating compressor that provides just enough cooling to meet the demand.
  • Modulating operation delivers the most precise temperature control available, with temperature swings virtually unnoticeable.
  • Enhanced humidity control and more complete air filtration is provided.
  • Inverter board technology optimizes the performance of the compressor.
  • Maytag IQ Drive Control allows to you program humidity control from 35% to 70%. One of the top controllers in HVAC reviews.
  • One-piece top and other features for quiet operation — among the lowest noise levels in the industry.
  • Brushed stainless steel cabinet is attractive and offers outstanding protection.
  • Cabinet features rounded corners for added safety.
  • Options like a UV air purifier, humidifier and electronic air cleaner are easy to add.

Maytag M1200 Series 23 SEER Air Conditioner Prices
As you might expect, this is one of the most expensive central air conditioners on the market.  It is a premium product for use in homes where the very best is demanded.  Here are price averages for the most popular sizes of the M1200 Central Air Conditioner with 23 SEER performance:

2 ton  Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $2,359
3 ton  Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $2,789
4 ton  Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $3,249
5 ton  Maytag M1200 central air conditioner: $3,779

Maytag M1200 Series 23 SEER Air Conditioner Warranty
This unit is backed by the Maytag 12-year Worry Free warranty that covers the compressor and all parts. Local Maytag dealers have the ability to add  12-year labor coverage to the unit as well, as a sales incentive.  This warranty is better than average for the industry, though some believe a unit this expensive should have a lifetime limited compressor warranty.

Getting the Best Return on your Investment
This unit represents a costly investment in home comfort and reduced energy use.  For best results in the years ahead, match it with a variable speed indoor unit (air handler or gas furnace) to achieve the most balanced temperatures, best humidity reduction, and indoor air quality you desire.  In addition, a unit with its capabilities needs to be properly installed, tested and tuned to get the most efficient and durable performance.  A qualified contractor with proven skills and experience is the best choice for the job.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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