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Heil Model 9.5 HSPF 17 SEER Heat Pump Rating


Heil has a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, as seen in the Heil model 9.5 HSPF 17 SEER heat pump.  This model is also known as the Heil QuietComfort DXT+ Two-stage heat pump, and it is the brand’s top of the line.  Good efficiency and outstanding indoor comfort are produced when it is combined in a split system with a variable-speed blower.

The Heil DXT+ 9.5 HSPF heat pump can also be used with a gas furnace instead of an air handler, so it is a versatile option that will perform well in all climates.  Homeowners in cooler regions of the country enjoy the comfortable, efficient heat of the heat pump in fall and mild winter weather.  They appreciate the ability to switch to gas heat when temperatures fall into the 40’s, where heat pumps start to lose efficiency.  Our Heil model 9.5 HSPF 17 SEER heat pump rating guide covers all the basic information you need so that you can compare this unit “apples to apples” with others you are considering.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:3/5]

17 SEER for air conditioning and 9.5 HSPF for heating are very good.  These levels will cut HVAC operating costs by as much as 40% or more when replacing a unit just 10-15 years old.  Units that are this energy efficient are Energy Star rated, and installing them produces an energy rebate from many utility companies of up to $400.

Feature Rating [Rating:4/5]

The Heil 9.5 HSPF 17 SEER heat pump has what you need to make your home very comfortable.  Control temperature, humidity and air quality throughout the year with the included equipment and optional accessories.  Here is an overview of the top features included in this heat pump.

  • Also called the Heil QuietComfort DXT+ Two-stage heat pump.
  • 2-stage compressor offers customized indoor comfort.
  • Noise-reducing compressor blanket allows for quieter operation.
  • Internal pressure switches protect the compressor throughout the operating cycle.
  • Environmentally safer R-410A refrigerant is used.
  • 2-speed fan motor is quieter and more efficient.
  • ComfortAlert II communicating technology alerts you to system fault codes and maintenance needs.
  • Louvered-panel sides offer better protection and maximum air flow.


Reliability Rating [Rating:4/5]

This Heil heat pump does very well in consumer-written heat pump ratings.  It has the quality components that should provide 15-20 years of service when it is properly installed and maintained.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:5/5]

The warranty on the Heil model 9.5 HSPF 17 SEER/DXT+  heat pump is one of the best in the industry.  The condensing unit is covered by a 10-year replacement warranty so that if the condensing coil or the compressor fails in the first 10 years, Heil will replace the entire condensing unit.  The rest of the parts are covered by a 10-year limited warranty which is standard for the industry.

Overall Rating [Rating:4/5]

Heil generally does well in HVAC ratings and this unit lives up to the brand’s reputation.  It makes sense in all climates, except the most temperate where neither high-efficiency heating nor cooling is needed.  In those limited areas, a standard efficiency heat pump might be more cost-effective.  If you live in a warm climate, this heat pump and an air handler will serve you well.  In cool or cold climates, matching the Heil DXT+  9.5 HSPF 17 SEER heat pump with a gas furnace will give you control over energy costs and your home’s comfort in every season.

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