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Ducane Model 4HP14 14 SEER Heat Pump Rating


Homeowners looking for a value-priced heat pump that will be reliable often consider the Ducane 4HP14.  The price is right for this unit and it is built with quality components including the Copeland scroll compressor, the brand that scores highest in HVAC ratings.  With 14 SEER cooling, this is a good choice in moderate climates that don’t demand high-efficiency units.  It won’t perform as well in very warm or cooler climates because its efficiency levels will lead to higher energy costs.

This Ducane Model 4HP14 14 SEER heat pump rating post evaluates all the important areas so that you can compare it with other heat pump ratings for models you are considering.  It starts with efficiency.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:1/5]

With 14 SEER air conditioning and 8.5 HSPF heating, this is not an energy miser and it is below average for efficiency.  However, the trade-off is that it is priced much lower than models in the 16-20 SEER range.  Doing the math on equipment cost versus operating cost shows this to be an economical heat pump for mild climates or in cottages and second homes where it isn’t relied upon as heavily.

Feature Rating [Rating:3/5]

Basic functionality with solid components is what you find in the Ducane Model 4HP14.  As noted, the compressor is one of the best available.  There is also an attention to detail that makes this an attractive heat pump.  The rating isn’t higher because it is a single-stage heat pump and doesn’t have communicating technology or remote programming. Here are its top features:

  • Reliable single-stage compressor from Copeland.
  • High-pressure valve and low-pressure switch protect the compressor during operation.
  • Filter drier extends the life of the refrigerant and the compressor by removing debris.
  • Crankcase heater and defrost control reduce system malfunctions.
  • Discharge muffler and a compressor sound blanket reduce noise.

Reliability Rating [Rating:2/5]

Perhaps a bit underrated here in consumer heat pump ratings.  This Ducane  heat pump, model 4HP14, has a service record that is about average for models in its class. You can expect to get 10-12 years of service from it, and probably more, with proper maintenance.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:3/5]

Ducane backs the 4HP14 heat pump with a 10-year compressor and parts limited warranty that is the average for the industry.  It’s a better warranty than some 14 SEER models from better-known brands come with.

Overall Rating [Rating:2.5/5]

The Ducane Model 4HP14 heat pump has its place.  Homeowners in regions with mild climates should consider it.  It might also provide the right solution for those looking for a 1-5 year solution for a home they plan to sell.  We say this not because it isn’t reliable past 5 years, but because it may take 5+ years to recoup the higher cost of a more efficient heat pump.  Crunch the numbers on lower equipment costs versus higher energy costs and if it adds up for you, the Ducane 4HP14 is worth a closer look.

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