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Carrier Infinity Series Model 25HNA9 Heat Pump Rating


When homeowners talk about the best heat pumps available, the Carrier Infinity 25HNA9 must be part of the discussion.  It is highly efficient and helps provide a customized indoor climate with balanced temperatures, the right humidity level in all seasons, and quiet operation.  It demonstrates why the Infinity Series gets such high marks in HVAC ratings.

This heat pump features dual fuel capability so that it can be matched with a gas furnace in cooler climates, adding versatility to the package.  The drawback of the Infinity 25HNA9 is its top of the line price which places it beyond what many consumers will want to pay, even for outstanding efficiency and indoor comfort.  But for consumers who want a heat pump regarded as one of the top few available, this one should be considered.  We rate it in all the important categories so that you can compare it with the top competition including the Trane XL20i, the Maytag M1200, and the Lennox Signature XP21 heat pumps.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:4/5]

There are very few heat pumps on the market that are more efficient than this Energy Star rated heat pump.  The Infinity 25HNA9 heat pump delivers 19.0 SEER for cooling and 9.5 HSPF heating.  You’ll see a drop in energy use of 35% to 55% when you replace an older heat pump with this one.  In climates with extreme temperatures, you’ll pay yourself back for the higher cost of this heat pump with lower energy bills that will make up the difference in 4-6 years.  In milder climates, the payback period might be 8-10 years and a more economical choice might be to buy a less efficient – and less costly – heat pump.

Feature Rating [Rating:5/5]

The Carrier Infinity Series Model 25HNA9 heat pump rating for features is definitely a 5. If this were a truck, you could say it was “loaded.”  The dual fuel capability, what Carrier calls Hybrid Heat, allows it to be matched to a compatible gas furnace for heating flexibility.  Heat pumps don’t perform well in temperatures below freezing, so aren’t a good choice in colder climates.  With Hybrid Heat, you can program the system to switch over to the gas furnace when temperatures drop into the lower 40’s, the point at which heat pumps start to lose efficiency.  Here are other top features to note:

  • 2-stage compressor operation produces quieter, more balanced heating and cooling.
  • Uses environmentally safe Puron, also known as R-410A refrigerant.
  • Silencer System II uses built-in features to make this one of the quietest heat pumps available.
  • WeatherArmor Ultra cabinet is rugged and powder-coated for long-lasting wear and appearance.
  • The Infinity Controller is the top-rated, and most expensive, thermostat on the market.
  • Models available from 2.0 tons to 5.0 tons of capacity.

Reliability Rating [Rating:4/5]

The Infinity 25HNA9 heat pump from Carrier has a good track record of reliability in consumer heat pump ratings.  Because it is a complex heat pump, it needs to be properly installed.  Poor installation is the cause of it underperforming in some cases.  If you choose this heat pump, or any of the most sophisticated on the market, find an experienced and qualified contractor for the installation.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:3/5]

The Carrier Infinity heat pump comes in for some criticism here because it is only backed by a 10-year compressor and parts limited warranty.  Most believe that the top-rated heat pump on the market should have a longer warranty.  Some competitors offer 12 years on the compressor and a few give a lifetime limited warranty on their compressors.

Overall Rating [Rating:4/5]

With high efficiency, Hybrid Heat, the Infinity controller and 2-stage operation, there is much to like about the Carrier Infinity Series 25HNA9.  The high price tag – some say inflated due to Carrier’s reputation – is a turn-off to many.  If you live in a climate with extreme temperatures and want a top-tier heat pump you are willing to pay a bit more for, this one should be considered.



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