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Carrier Infinity 96 Gas Furnace Rating


Carrier has one of the highest HVAC ratings in the industry and the Carrier Infinity 96 is their most efficient gas furnace.  That means it costs quite a bit more than the average furnace, and some homeowners won’t consider it for that reason.  It also means it will reduce energy costs significantly in most homes, help you create a very comfortable climate indoors, and deliver many years of quality service.

In addition to high efficiency, the Infinity 96 gas furnace is built with a 2-stage burner and a variable-speed blower.  Those are really the 2 keys to indoor comfort because they provide balanced heating (and cooling when an AC is part of the system), better humidity control and improved air quality over standard-operation furnaces.  Parts built from the highest quality materials give this furnace excellent durability.  In our Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace rating review, we cover efficiency, features, reliability and the warranty.  These ratings and explanations will help you decide if spending the extra money on this Carrier Infinity furnace is a good choice for your home.

 Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:4/5]

At 96.6% AFUE, there are a few more efficient gas furnaces on the market, but not many.  Furnaces in this range are usually chosen by those who live in cold climates with a long heating season or those who are committed to reducing their consumption of fossil fuels.  In warmer climates, the extra you spend on this furnace over an 80% or 90% gas furnace may take 5-10 years to recoup, so do the math with your utility bills before you select this model.  There is an 80% AFUE Infinity furnace that is ideal for warmer regions.

Feature Rating [Rating:5/5]

Infinity HVAC products are the most feature-rich on the market.  With this model, it begins with the 2-stage heating and the variable-speed blower.  These components combine to deliver the right amount of heat to keep temperatures comfortable and balanced.  It will run on low heat/low speed most of the time, reducing temperature fluctuations while at the same time increasing your control over humidity in all  seasons and improving air filtration.

The Infinity Control is widely regarded as the best in the industry, helping homeowners tailor the indoor climate very precisely.  Here’s a complete list of the top features to consider on the Infinity 96 furnace from Carrier.

  • Energy Star efficiency.
  • 2-stage heating.
  • Variable-speed blower enhances heating comfort in cool months and cooling comfort when an AC is included.
  • Infinity system controls offer better diagnostics.
  • Also supports more economical Thermidistat and standard thermostats.
  • The Infinity thermostat is a touchscreen model that is easy to program and offers customized climate control.
  • Dual heat exchanger crafted from durable, efficient materials.
  • QuieTech technology reduces operating noise.
  • This furnace is also known as the Carrier 58MVB gas furnace.
  • Sizes: 40,000 Btu to 120,000.

 Reliability Rating [Rating:4/5]

Consumer gas furnace ratings for the Infinity 96 are good, if not great.  One of the concerns about Carrier Infinity furnaces is that their high-tech design may be slightly more prone to mechanical issues due to their complexity.  Their service record shows them to be very reliable, but not as reliable as the very top models in this category.  Still, with proper maintenance, this can be a 20 year furnace, possibly more.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Rating [Rating:3/5]

There are furnaces will lesser names that have better warranties. The 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranties are average for the industry.

 Overall Rating [Rating:4/5]

This furnace will appeal most to those in cooler climates who want precision control of their indoor comfort.  If you plan to add an air purifier or humidifier to your HVAC system, this is an ideal choice for getting the most from those accessories.  If you want a premium gas furnace you can depend on for many years to come, the Carrier Infinity 96 gas furnace should be on your short list to consider.

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