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American Standard Platinum SV Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R™ Variable-Speed Communicating Furnace Rating


The Platinum line is American Standard’s best, but despite that, the Platinum SV Furnace Freedom 80 Communicating furnace is priced to sell.  It’s their 80% efficient furnace that is equipped with all of the best performance features including a variable-speed blower, 2-stage heating, Comfort-R humidity control and more.

The only potential drawback to this furnace is the energy efficiency.  It won’t be a good long-range value if you live in a cooler climate and rely heavily on a furnace.  You’d be better off with the more efficient furnaces in the Platinum line.  In addition, the 80% efficiency won’t sit well with those who want to limit the environmental impact produced by their homes.

For homeowners who want an 80% furnace because they live in a moderate or warm climate but still want precise comfort control, the Platinum SV Freedom 80 furnace is one of the best in its class.  An excellent value and highly rated in gas furnace reviews written by consumers.  Our American Standard Platinum SV Furnace Freedom 80 Comfort-R Variable-Speed communicating furnace rating post covers the key areas you’ll want to consider before you choose your next furnace.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:1/5]

The 80% efficiency is the lowest currently allowed.  Most top brands make at least 1 80% model to accommodate those in very warm climates who won’t quickly recover the cost of paying more for a 90%+ furnace.  So, 80% might not be right for every consumer, but it might be the best choice for your home and budget.

Feature Rating [Rating:4/5]

There’s a lot to like on the American Standard Platinum SV furnace.  It will help you customize indoor comfort with a variable-speed blower and 2-stage heating that combine to run on low most of the time.  The result is quieter operation along with more temperature balance and better humidity control.  That’s what the Comfort-R technology does – it removes more humidity during cooling by passing the air more consistently through the system.  Here’s an overview of all the top features on the American Standard Platinum SV Freedom furnace.

  • 2-stage burner for quiet, balanced heating.
  • Variable-speed blower for climate control without noticeable temperature fluctuations.
  • Comfort-R mode offers increased dehumidification.
  • AccuLink communicating technology closing monitors and coordinates system components.
  • 5 available sizes: 48,000 to 111,000 Btu.
  • Old name: Freedom 80; New name: Platinum SV.  American Standard still uses both names.

Reliability Rating [Rating:5/5]

American Standard is one of the top brands in HVAC ratings and this furnace demonstrates the excellent reliability that has built the reputation.  With basic maintenance, this furnace should go strong for 20+ years.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:4/5]

American Standard demonstrates their confidence in their products by offering a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 12-year parts limited warranty.  The parts warranty is longer than the industry standard.

Overall Rating [Rating:3.5/5]

This 3.5 star rating is skewed by the 1 star efficiency rating.  For performance, value and long-term durability, this is a 4+ star model easily.  Choose a more efficient furnace is you live in a cool climate, or even in a moderate climate and you plan to be in the same home for 10+ years.  For warm climate performance, the American Standard Platinum SV Freedom 80 Variable-Speed Communicating furnace is very tough to beat.

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