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Payne PG8M Gas Furnace rating 80% AFUE


Payne makes reliable HVAC products like the PG8M gas furnace that deliver standard performance at a very affordable cost.  This is a single-stage heating model without expensive bells and whistles, just on/off heating.  If you live in a fairly warm climate and want an affordable 12-15 year solution to your heating needs, this is one to consider.  It also makes sense if you plan to move in the next few years and need a dependable furnace to get you through, or if you’re looking for a gas furnace for a cottage, garage, workshop, etc.  In this gas furnace ratings post you’ll find the information you need to evaluate whether or not this is the furnace you’re looking for.

Operating Cost Efficiency Rating [Rating:1/5]

This is an 80% model which means that if you use your furnace a lot, your heating bills will be quite high.  However, if you don’t use as much heat, the low price of the Payne PG8M may make this a very good value since it would take too many years to recoup the extra expense of a more efficient model.

Feature Rating [Rating:3/5]

The Payne PG8M 80% AFUE furnace has a variable-speed blower that reduces temperature fluctuations and cold spots in your home.  It does have a slow-opening gas valve that reduces the loud “woosh” noise when some furnaces fire up. The aluminized steel heat exchanger is durably built so you won’t be likely to face an expensive repair bill there. Here’s a look at the main features offered by the Payne PG8M:

  • Slow-opening single-stage gas valve.
  • Variable-speed blower.
  • Aluminized heat exchanger.
  • Dependable hot-surface ignition.
  • In-shot burners.
  • Washable filters that enhance air purity.

Reliability Rating [Rating:1/5]

Payne doesn’t enjoy the highest HVAC ratings for reliability in the market, but they are not considered to be junk either. This is a dependable furnace that will give you acceptable service with proper installation and maintenance.  In milder climates, and if you take good care of it, the 80% AFUE PG8M from Payne might last for 20 years.

Manufacturer's Warranty Rating [Rating:3/5]

The warranty will give many consumers the confidence to give this inexpensive gas furnace a try.  The heat exchanger is covered by a 20-year limited warranty and the parts are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.  That warranty is as good as some furnaces that cost twice as much.

Overall Rating [Rating:2/5]

The overall Payne PG8M 80% AFUE gas furnace rating is a solid 2. Whether or not this furnace is a good choice for you depends on what you want.  If your goal is energy savings and precise indoor climate control, this isn’t a good furnace to consider.  If your purposes include an inexpensive furnace with standard performance, either in a warm climate or as a short-term or part-time solution, this unit might be what you’re looking for.

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