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Saving with HVAC Wholesale Parts

hvac-wholesale-partsIt seems that HVAC equipment goes out when you need it most. If you're having a heat wave, that is the time the A/C will fail. If you're experiencing sub-zero weather, that is when your gas furnace will hit the dust. When your heating and cooling equipment fails, getting it in working order becomes a high priority. However, the costs to repair HVAC systems can come as a surprise. Fortunately there are ways to save on parts. HVAC wholesale parts can save you money if you shop smart.

Diagnosing the Problem
Make sure you know what the problem is before you purchase parts. Reading HVAC reviews on websites and forums can be a good way to help you diagnose problems, ask questions of others and find out which brands are better if you end up doing a replacement. If you can't determine the issue, call in an HVAC professional to help you diagnose. Better to spend the money on the right part than to guess and end up with something you don't need.

Types of HVAC Wholesalers
Keep in mind that when you do an internet search you'll find three types of wholesalers:

  • Dealer and Contractor-Only Wholesalers. These companies only work directly with licensed dealers and contractors. Often they will publish prices though, so they are still worth looking at to get some price information.
  • Wholesale to public merchants. This is where you'll likely find HVAC wholesale parts. Be sure to look at their policies. Many wholesalers will sell to the public but they specifically state that parts purchased must be installed by a licensed HVAC professional.
  • HVAC retailers who have good deals but are not wholesalers. These are also great places to shop. The goal is finding a good deal, even if it isn't wholesale. These types of retailers are also more likely to have free shipping so be sure to do some comparison shopping.

Quality Installation is Critical
While it may be possible to save some money purchasing HVAC wholesale parts, don't cut corners with installation. If you're experienced with electrical and mechanical systems you may be able to do the installation yourself safely, but for most people hiring a local qualified contractor is the way to go. Keep in mind that the cost of the part (unless it's a major component) will be the least amount of the expense you incur to fix your system. HVAC contractors aren't cheap, but it's worth it. The quality of the workmanship can mean the difference between a comfortable home and years of reliable service versus a “sick” home with cold spots and equipment that fails after a few seasons.

Before you place your parts order, talk to a few qualified HVAC installation companies and get bids. Ask how much for parts and labor versus labor alone. If you're talking about a $30 part and the HVAC company has it in stock and can do it right away, it's probably not worth looking for a wholesale deal. However if you're talking about a $400 component then the savings you can find may be significant.

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