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Heat Pump Repair

Having a comfortable indoor temperature is something almost all of us take for granted. We expect our HVAC systems to work year in and year out and when something goes wrong it certainly becomes a matter of great priority. No matter what the season, your heat pump plays a major part in keeping your home comfortable. In this article we'll give you some ideas of what to do if your heat pump is in need of repair. We'll discuss basic troubleshooting, heat pump costs and how to go about hiring a professional so that you can get the right kind of help when you need it.

Basic Troubleshooting and Maintenance
There are many things that can go wrong with a heat pump. You can help yourself by trying to identify some of the symptoms.

  • Is the heat pump simply not running at all? Try the unit ‘reset' switch. Also check fuses and breakers.
  • Does it come on and then do a very short cycle?The filter may need attention or you could have a blower issue.
  • Is ice forming on the outdoor unit? You will likely need assistance of a qualified professional.

The best way to deal with heat pump repair is to avoid it. Many homeowners think that HVAC equipment is maintenance free but this is simply not the case. All HVAC equipment needs at least yearly maintenance in order to work properly. You'd never buy a car and then not change the oil, yet many people think that nothing ever needs to be done with their furnaces or heat pumps. Consider getting on a yearly schedule for maintenance with a local qualified contractor. Also, be sure that you're changing your filters on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. If you read many HVAC reviews you'll find that many problems could be solved by simply following a regular maintenance schedule.

Heat Pump Repair Costs
Depending on the type of repair you end up with, the costs can vary quite a bit. Most HVAC companies charge a trip fee and some also tack on a diagnostic fee on top of that. Keep in mind that if the compressor needs to be changed out, it can cost around $1400.

Hiring a Professional
HVAC equipment requires both electrical and mechanical expertise that most homeowners do not have. Do-it-yourself attempts by most homeowners end up costing more than what it would cost to hire a professional from the beginning. If you have any doubts about your ability to diagnose and repair a heat pump problem, it's a good idea to find qualified help. The best way to find a qualified technician is to call around or look online. Talk to several contractors and ask lots of questions. Find someone who has lots of experience with your particular brand of heat pump. Check BBB ratings. Get written bids and get more than one bid. Repairs can end up costing a hefty sum so a little footwork in the beginning can mean big savings in the end.

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