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Carrier Furnace Parts

carrier-furnace-partsCarrier is a great brand of furnace, but eventually all furnaces need repair. Buying Carrier furnace parts online (often parts that are direct from the manufacturer) can be a good way to save money.

Carrier Furnace Parts and Prices
Here are a few sample categories of parts you may need for your Carrier furnace along with prices that can be found on the internet. Even if you choose to purchase from a dealer, this list will give you a starting point if you need to budget for repair work. Keep in mind that you'll need to determine which Carrier furnace parts you need. Not all draft inducers will work with all furnaces. You'll need to determine which part number is the correct part for your furnace. You may be able to look it up online or you can ask an HVAC installation expert for assistance determining which parts you need.

Carrier Draft Inducers

  • Carrier HC27UE120 motor only for the Carrier 309868-755 draft inducer assembly. 3300 RPM, 115 volt motor. – $98
  • Carrier LA11ZD058 factory original blower wheel for the 309868-755 (motor only). – $40
  • Carrier 319346-753 “Quiet” Draft Inducer Assembly. Replaces motor # HC23CE116. – $540

Carrier Pressure Switches

  • Carrier HK06WC012 pressure/VAC switch – $80
  • Carrier HK06NB124 pressure switch. – $69
  • Carrier HK06NB065 pressure switch – $83

Carrier Circuit Boards

  • Carrier 325878-751 factory original main circuit board for Carrier, Bryant, BDP furnaces. – $270
  • Carrier CES011005702 factory original circuit board. – $210
  • Carrier HH84AA020 factory original circuit board that replaces factory numbers CES0110017, CES0110018, HH84AA010, HH84AA011, HH84AA012, HH84AA013, P771-7002, 302075-3 and 302075-302. – $95

If you read the fine print of most internet suppliers, you'll note that they state that parts purchased from them are intended for installation by a professional. Installation of replacement Carrier furnace parts can be complicated and dangerous. It's a good idea to contact a local, reputable HVAC technician to have them price out a replacement job. Ask them if they'll work with parts you supply or if they will only do the work if they supply the part. Before buying a part online and then hiring an HVAC installation expert, read a few HVAC reviews to see what experiences others have had. Remember that the quality of the workmanship is likely the most important thing. Saving even a few hundred dollars on the part won't be worth it if you can't find someone to install it correctly for you.

Read your warranty paperwork carefully – you may find that the trouble you're having with your Carrier furnace is covered by your warranty. If this is the case, call your dealer and explain the situation and have them come out to diagnose and repair the issue. While you're examining your warranty also look to see whether or not purchasing replacement parts online can void your warranty. Before buying your own parts, decide whether or not it's worth voiding your warranty should something happen to the rest of the furnace.

Carrier furnaces are great pieces of HVAC equipment. With the right maintenance they should last for a long, long time. For best results with the installation of Carrier furnace parts, seek the advice of a local HVAC technician.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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