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Diagnosing a Goodman Furnace Pressure Switch

There's nothing more frustrating than coming home on a winter evening to find that your furnace isn't working. Most furnaces have indicator lights that let you know what is causing a problem with your heat. If you suspect that you've got a Goodman furnace pressure switch problem, there is one easy way to tell. If your furnace indicator is blinking three times then the self-diagnostic unit on your furnace thinks something is indeed wrong with the pressure switch. Keep in mind that it may not actually be the switch itself, but rather something with the system that is keeping the switch from functioning properly. Before you replace the switch, there are a few things you can do.

Things to Try

  • Check all of your vacuum hoses. A plug in the vacuum hose can keep the pressure switch from closing.
  • Check intake and exhaust vents for blockages. Any kind of blockage will cause issues with the pressure switch.
  • Pressure switch hose could be plugged with water.
  • Pressure switch hose could be blocked at either the inducer blower or the combustion box.

Getting Help
If you've tried a few of our suggestions and can't get it up and running, or if you'd just prefer to get some help, it's time to give a local HVAC service company a call. Give them a run down over the phone. Some places may be able to offer a few more suggestions – worst case you'll be able to schedule an appointment to have an HVAC installation tech come out to your place and fix the issue. Be sure to provide them with the make and model number of your goodman furnace. If you have the part number for the Goodman furnace pressure switch that would be even better.

When you call a local service company be sure to ask them whether they're licensed, bonded, insured and certified. Also ask them how much experience they have working with your particular brand and model of furnace. Also ask how much they charge by the hour and if there is an additional trip fee. Most pressure switches run about $25 online, so ask the dealer how much they'll charge you for the part and if they'd install a part you provide.

A pressure switch problem is one of the easier problems to fix. If our few troubleshooting tips don't do the trick a service technician should be able to get you going relatively quickly. You can probably save a few dollars by buying the part online but it may not be worth the savings if you have to wait a significant amount of time for shipping.

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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  • January 29, 2012 at 9:35 am

    How much pressure does it take to activate the pressure switch

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