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Cheap HVAC Systems for Homeowners On a Tight Budget

We realized earlier this month that a lot of our focus has been on the high end Trane and Carrier Infinity HVAC systems, and decided to devote several articles in August to helping homeowners find the right hvac system at a more affordable price, also known as cheap hvac systems! 🙂 Not counting the DIY air conditioner found in the video we posted earlier this week, one of the most affordable brands you will find on the market today are manufactured by a company named Goodman.

Goodman Air Conditioners and Heating Systems has been a staple in the home HVAC market since the 1950's when the company was founded in Texas. Since that time, Goodman have grown into one of the leading brands in the field, not only from their own low overhead and low cost principals, but also due to the fact that they grasp the idea that people need to be able to afford to buy a cheap hvac system!

Compared to other brands like Carrier, Bryant, Trane, and Amana, you can typically save anywhere from 25-100% over the cost of those systems.

For comparison sake, the wholesale cost (What a dealer pays) of a similar base model 3-ton air conditioning & 80% AFUE gas furnace systems, not including the installation:

  • Bryant – $1710
  • Carrier – $2490
  • Trane – $2760
  • Goodman – $1350

This is the point where the total cost of a cheap hvac system begins to get cloudy, since each local contractor is going to have their own cost structure for the installation cost of the unit, and each home presents different challenges and requirements for the job.

Low Cost HVAC Replacement Options

Aside from simply choosing one of the most affordable hvac systems, you should also follow a few simple guidelines when price shopping for the cheapest system you can afford.

  • ALWAYS get three quotes!
  • Take advantage of home energy tax credits and save up to $1500 (More cooling for the same money)
  • Ask the Contractor if they have any used, or phase out equipment in stock.
  • Ask if you can barter your skills for a discount.
  • Replace ONLY whats needed to get you through the breakdown
  • Beware of Too Good to be True offers like cheap Internet deals, they usually carry limited or no warranty!

We have mentioned the Internet several times in this article, but chosen to walk a fine line around buying the equipment online. The reason we are doing so, is that most manufacturers, including Goodman, will not honor the warranty of equipment purchased via websites or eBay. That DOES NOT mean that the seller won't warranty the equipment, but there is still an inherent risk that the seller will not be around in 10 years and you will be on your own.

Did you manage to save aq bunch of money on your HVAC system purchase? If so, please share your own best practices and how you got yourself a cheap hvac system!

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
We’ve Got HVAC Pros Ready to Help!
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