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7 Ways to Get the AC Repairman to You FAST!

With the record heat hitting the Southeast US this week, many HVAC companies are reporting long delays in getting the repairman to homes with broken air conditioners for service.

The problem is… there are too many broken systems and not enough AC repair companies to go around right now! This is not out of the ordinary in the HVAC business, and the same trend can be seen ever year when record heat hits different areas. The bottom line for you as a homeowner, is to make sure you keep your air conditioner serviced properly, so you don't get into this position!

Most servicemen attributed the cause of broken AC units to irregular maintenance. B & E Air and Heat owner Eddie Burkhalter said his Charlotte NC AC Repair company cleans and checks AC units for more than 600 contract customers in the spring and fall. Since the heat has set in, only two contract customers have called in about AC repairs, he added.

7 Ways to Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired FAST!

While all of these tips may not be the best ethical choice, they work almost every time!

1 – Buy an Annual Service Contract Over the Phone!

Most HVAC companies offer priority service for service contract customers. Its usually $129/year, and will get them there today! Look at it as a premium fee to get to the front of the line! On the plus side… next year, you will know the system is ready BEFORE the heatwave!

2 – Mention that Your Elderly Mother is Struggling with the Heat

You and I both know it may be a lie… but appealing to the heart of the service manager works almost every time!

3 – Tell The Dispatcher you Work for the Local Newspaper

Casually mention that you (or your spouse) works for the local TV, Weather, or newspaper. Just the thought of being mentioned in the media makes most companies jump faster!

4 – (If you are a Woman) Ask for Early Service, Since you Work Nights at a Strip Club

Don't laugh… even if the dispatcher is female, she will make sure to include that info when she sends out the call and technicians will bump others to come to your home. Even if the call is only written on a whiteboard, it WILL have the word (stripper) written next to it, and technicians will volunteer to go first!

5 – Mention that You Own Other Rental Homes in Town

Never hurts to make the company think you have 10-15 other jobs they may get also!

6 – Ask if You Can Pay Extra to Be Moved to the First Available Call Slot

If you are REALLY desperate to get your air conditioner repaired right NOW… go to the bank and get a fresh $100 bill, walk in to the company office and ask to speak to the dispatcher to schedule an appointment for TODAY! Promise… it works.

7 – Do a Bit of Research BEFORE You Call, and Say You are a Friend of the Owner

Another one of those little lies… that has fast benefits! Look up the company on the web and find out the owners name. When you call, mention that you know [owners first name] him well…

What Other Method Might You Use?

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Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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One thought on “7 Ways to Get the AC Repairman to You FAST!

  • January 7, 2011 at 10:50 am

    One of the most proven ways is to get to know someone, especially the technician, at your local HVAC company. Become a friendly customer, send a Christmas card, stop by to say hello. All little things that can go a LONG way when you need service.

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