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7 Ways to Cool Off a Hot Spot in Your Home

One of the most common problems in a central air conditioning system is that by 4PM on a hot day, the cooling system just can't keep up with the hot temperatures outside, and the house gets hot in the afternoon!

While this can be the result of several maintenance issues that can be fixed with a quick repair, it can also be a direct result of the system not being properly sized for your home at the time it was installed. If you ever needed another reason to make sure you only choose a qualified contractor when you start looking at central air conditioner prices, finding out your air conditioner won't keep your house cool on a 90 degree day is it!

So, when you have a few rooms that get stupid-hot in the afternoon, how can you cool them off, without breaking the bank?

Cool off a Hot Spot in Your Home!

If you have other ways that can help, please don't be shy about using the comments below! Before you think of the easy way… closing a vent with the little sliding thing, please don't do it! While closing the vent in the winter months CAN help move more heat into certain areas, in the summer months, it will just build condensation, make your vents drip water, and before you know it… mold and rust!

1 – Keep the Shades Closed on the Sunny Side

Easy enough! Close the window shades, curtains, whatever you can on the hot side of the home (Usually the west side) when the sun is shining on it!

2 – Plant Shade Trees around the Home

Shading the home from the sun makes a difference! Hey, it also helps the environment! 🙂

3 – Install a Small Room Air Conditioner

You can pick up a very affordable window air conditioner, or even a small portable air conditioner for the summer months.

4 – Add New Supply Air Vents to the Hot Rooms

If your duct system is easily accessible, run to the supply shop, grab a few bags of 6″ R8 flex duct, and add a run or two! If you prefer not to do it yourself, post a handyman project on craigslist… you can probably get it done for less than $100!

5 – Balance the System with Zoning Dampers

Instead of adding a new duct run, you can pick up inexpensive zone dampers, and adjust the system manually by channeling more airflow to the hot spots of your home!

6 – Insulate the Attic on the Hot Side

A bag or two of the good old pink stuff can go a long way to cooling a hot spot!

7 – Install an Attic Vent Fan

Grab a thermostat and ttep into your attic at 4PM on a hot day. If the temp is more than 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature, you may benefit with an attic vent fan! We have 2 sister sites, one about Solar Attic Fans (About $200) and another focused on Gable Attic Fans (Approx $50), start reading how an attic vent can help you!

8 – Make Small Adjustments to Your Lifestyle

In our home… which is brown, and has no shading on the west side, the sun beams on our kitchen at 5PM during the hottest part of the afternoon. By closing the shades on that side, and simply changing our supper time to 7 PM, it's no longer a problem!

How Else Can You Cool a Hot Spot on the Cheap?

If you are a HVAC pro, or just a homeowner with an easy suggestion, add it below! Thanks!

Need System Advice or a Free Quote?
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