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Air Conditioner Drain Cleaning Articles

Summer is right around the bend and some of our most popular posts at this time every year at WebHVAC, are about cleaning air conditioner drain lines! If you have a clogged air conditioner drain… the next thing you have is a serious wet headache with the air conditioner leaking water in house!

15 Minutes Today Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Tomorrow!

The simple solutions on the pages below will help you clean the AC drain line, and keep it clean all season long, so the central air conditioning system does not leak condensate water into your home!

Air Conditioner Leaking Water In House

If your air conditioner is leaking RIGHT NOW – follow these steps before reading any further!

  1. Shut Off the Air Conditioner & Stop the Flow! (Turn OFF at thermostat or circuit breaker)
  2. Get a Bucket, a Small Cup, and Several Towels or a Large Sponge
  3. Get ALL Water Out of Drain Pan!

Go into the attic or wherever your air conditioner is leaking water into house from, and clean the drain pan first! In almost every situation, you will find a 2-inch deep pan, likely full of water.

After you have the RESULT of a clogged AC Drain line fixed, you can clear the line and make sure it does not happen again!

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Air Conditioner Drain Cleaning Articles

Along with several great articles on the WebHVAC site, I also wanted to highlight some of the great resources found around the web for cleaning your ac drain line.


5 Tips for Cleaning your AC Drain Line

A popular article from 2009, the 5 tips for cleaning your air conditioner condensate line, covers basic tips like keeping your filter clean, to more hands on maintenance tips, like flushing the drain line twice each year.

One of the easiest tips, is to make sure your drain system flows AWAY from the AC unit. Putting a box in the attic that inadvertently rests on the drain line could change everything!

Clean AC Drain Before It Leaks

Another one of our more popular articles from 2009 goes over the two main methods of draining the air conditioner. Gravity condensate drains and using a condensate pump drain system.

Along with the general overview, it also provides tips on keeping your system clean!

Unclog Air Conditioner Drain the Easy Way

This article is an overview of a new product on the market, the Mighty Pump. You can learn all about the product and watch a short video of the Mighty Pump in action!

While the Mighty Pump is not an immediate solution (it has to be in your hands right now to help with an immediate clog) to your clogged AC drain line, it is an invaluable tool to have on hand if it ever happens again, or you just want to maintain the drain line yourself.


Great Articles from Around the Web

How to Unclog the AC Drain – Frugal Dad – Frugal Dad walks through his plugged ac drain experience with pictures to boot! From using his shop vac to clean the lines and even the nasty much that came out. A great read!

How to Clean and Maintain the AC Drain from InspectAPedia is another great read for anyone who wants to learn more on the technical side of how your ac drain works, or is supposed to work.

Danny Lipford gets into an AC Drain Clean out article! In this one, you can even watch a short video of the procedure, to help you get yours cleaned out right the first time!

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