Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2011

This is our Top Rated Gas Furnaces 2011 Guide in which we share the best gas furnaces currently available in 3 different efficiency categories.  Part of our purpose at is to provide our readers with quality reviews and information so that they can choose a furnace that makes the most sense for their home […]

Top Rated Heat Pumps 2011

We reviews hundreds of heat pumps each year and thought it was time to offer the best of the best in this Top Rated Heat Pumps 2011 Guide.  One of our goals at is to bring you quality reviews that you can use to make educated decisions about your next heat pump. The units […]

Electric furnace Manufacturers

There are several electric furnace manufacturers today producing a good range of electric furnaces for homes and businesses.  Before we take a closer look at electric furnace manufacturers, here are the top reasons for their popularity. Reasons to Choose an Electric Furnace 1. Electric furnaces are inexpensive in terms of equipment cost.  Because they are […]

Rheem model RPRL-JEC Heat Pump Review

Rheem makes a variety of heat pumps to meet a variety of needs.  The Rheem model RPRL-JEC heat pump is designed for homeowners looking for very good efficiency coupled with performance features that give them enhanced control over indoor climate.  The Rheem RPRL-JEC heat pump delivers 16 SEER cooling and 9.5 HSPF heating which may […]

Rheem model 14PJL Heat Pump Review

Rheem has made solid, reliable and affordable heat pumps over the years and the Rheem model 14PJL heat pump fits that description very well.  Rheem does make high-performance, high-efficiency heat pump as well.  But homeowners looking for standard efficiency at a very good price have made the Rheem model 14PJL heat pump a top seller in […]

Rheem RASL-JEZ Series Central Air Conditioner Review

Rheem offers a good range of air conditioner models for consumers to match the unit to their needs, whether it is very high efficiency or outstanding affordability.  The Rheem RASL-JEZ Series central air conditioner is Rheem’s very best, a Prestige Series top of the line unit with an 18 SEER rating that will reduce cooling […]

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