2014 Cost Advantages of a High SEER Heat Pump

Today’s best heat pumps are very efficient, and installing one in your home can lead to dramatic reductions in energy use. Consumer demand has fueled the production of energy-miser heat pumps, and you can take advantage. Here’s how an energy efficient heat pump will save you money throughout the year, every year. Lower your Energy […]

2014 Cost Advantages of a High SEER Air Conditioner

Today’s homeowners have never been more concerned about energy efficiency. They’re choosing high-SEER central air conditioners that reduce energy use and cut their utility costs significantly. An added bonus is that lowered energy use is better for the environment, an important part of the decision-making process for many who choose efficient HVAC equipment. Let’s take […]

Highest AFUE Gas Furnaces of 2014

Six modulating models make our most efficient gas furnaces 2014 list. Modulating is also called variable capacity. This means the gas valve and burner adjust the flame in precise, .5 percent increments to deliver amazingly stable temperatures and efficient heating. Most Efficient Gas Furnaces 2014 When cutting energy use and costs is your highest priority […]

Highest SEER Rated Heat Pumps of 2014

Where the summer is long and the heat is intense, a super-efficient heat pump is essential equipment for keeping energy costs low. Install one in your home, and your winter bills will drop dramatically too. 2014 Most Efficient Heat Pumps Be ecofriendly and save money on heating and cooling costs with these most efficient heat […]

Highest SEER Rated Central Air Conditioners of 2014

Every year SEER ratings go up, and 2014 is no exception. Consumers want energy efficiency in order to cut costs and reduce consumption, and the manufacturers deliver. Here’s a look at the most efficient central air conditioners 2014 version. 1. Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC25 Air Conditioner In the last few years, Lennox has really […]

Top Rated Heat Pumps 2011

We reviews hundreds of heat pumps each year and thought it was time to offer the best of the best in this Top Rated Heat Pumps 2011 Guide.  One of our goals at WebHVAC.com is to bring you quality reviews that you can use to make educated decisions about your next heat pump. The units […]

Dave Lennox Elite Series XC16 Central Air Conditioner Review

The Lennox Elite Series is a line that does very well in consumer air conditioner reviews, and the Dave Lennox Elite Series XC16 central air conditioner is a prime example why.  It offers outstanding efficiency while not costing as much as the highest-efficiency models in this line or in the Lennox Signature line – a […]

Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC21 Central Air Conditioner Review

Lennox is known in the HVAC industry for producing leading-edge equipment that is high-tech and built to perform.  Their top line is the Lennox Signature Collection that offers outstanding models like the Dave Lennox Signature Collection XC21 air conditioner that leads the league in efficiency.  It is popular choice with consumers who want to reduce […]

Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP21 Heat Pump Review

If you are looking for the most efficient heat pump on the market you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that equals the Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP21 Heat Pump.  An incredible 19.0 SEER is just the tip of the performance iceberg with this technology-laden product from Lennox, a proven partner for all your heating and […]

Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP17 Heat Pump Review

With the cost of fossil fuels and electricity continuing to go up, more homeowners are turning to high efficiency products like the Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP17 Heat Pump.  In addition to outstanding performance that will keep your home warm with balanced heating, and cool in the warm months, it offers proven savings on fuel […]

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