For homeowners that are not near a populated area or have an older home that had an oil furnace to begin with their is still the oil furnace HVAC system that many of the brands still offer.  While many of the urbanites and suburbanites around the country are unfamiliar with these units, oil furnaces are a basic source of heat and hot water for many people.   One of the key reasons that many people have moved from oil furnaces is that they are very complex HVAC systems.  For this reason repairs and installation it is almost imperative to have a professional come over and take care of everything.  A slight problem in your oil to air mix can prove to be a real problem in your home.   Given that the units are so complex it is imperative that you do your homework before laying down your hard earned money on an oil fueled furnace.

Please see our list of latest oil furnace reviews below and check out a detailed review of each model and how it will affect your heating needs:

One thing to consider when going with an oil furnace is that you will need to check your system more often than with a gas fired furnace.  Checking the smoke from the chimney during the heating season is important to make sure that the mix is correct.

Similar to other HVAC systems the three most common reasons for differences in oil furnace pricing are:

oil-furnace-reviewsBrand – As alluded to several times on this site, the better viewed the brand is the more you are going to pay for the furnace.  Carrier, Trane and Lennox are brands that carry a price premium with them.  If you want to go a bit cheaper, Payne, Goodman and Bryant are where you should look.

Size of oil furnace – pretty easy to understand, the larger the unit the more costly it will be.

AFUE rating – similar to above, the higher the AFUE the more expensive the unit will be.

When it comes time to purchase a new oil furnace there are some things to keep in mind.


If you are unfamiliar with how an oil furnace works I would suggest going to this site to read up on it.  They do a good job of explaining in quick fashion.

Our hope is that our oil furnace reviews give you a one stop shop to find all the oil furnace information you need for a given set of furnaces.  Our oil furnace list is growing all the time, but we have tried to highlight the major brands and models out there today. If you find that you have a model that you would like us to write a review on, please send us an email and we will add it to the list for adding to the site.



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